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Another Win-Smackdown One
April 29, 2004 vs. Randy Savage
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Randy Savage
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The scene opens up with Kevin Nash walking back to his locker room after SmackDown! is off the air. He is still in his gear, and his straps are down. His hair is a mess as he runs his hand through it. Nash walks into the parking lot, duffle bag draped over his shoulder and heads for the red Dodge Viper sitting pretty close to the exit. He opens the door and throws the duffle bag into the passenger's seat, obviously a little frustrated. Terri runs up to him before he shuts the door.

Terri- Kevin Nash. won your match tonight against Kurt Angle, yet you still seem angry?

Nash- Terri. I may have won tonight. But do you realize what is going on? My former friend, Scott Hall, is back. What do you want me to do? Go talk to him? I dropped him a long time ago and yet Shane McMahon hires him for some dirty work. Well if it includes me...I'll be damned if I let them get away with anything on me!

Terri frowns, as he bangs the steering wheel with the palm of his hand.

Terri- So what are you saying? Anything specifically for Scott Hall?

Kevin looks at her, still taller than her even though he is sitting in such a low car.

Nash- Yeah. Yeah. Ya' know what?

Terri- What?

Nash- I am sick of people ruining things for me. It won't happen again. Scott, you ruined my career in the WCW and you ruined it here. But this is my chance to bounce back and capture gold. So as far as I'm get in my way and I will remove you! You step onto the road I am travelin', and Big Diesel will take you out. You see...I am the one that dropped you with the Jacknife Powerbomb in our Tag Team Title match. I am the one that turned on you. It was sweet revenge, Scott. And that is why I am saying this. You ruin something for me, I ruin something for you.

Terri- Even if it was beneficial for the both of you?

Nash- It doesn't matter. Scott got in the way of me winning gold, and suddenly he had to get dropped on the side of the road. I left him there, and then...heh...then he got fired.

Terri- What do you have to say about your match against Randy Savage this week?

Kevin pops his neck before answering the question.

Nash- Randy Savage, a former friend. Just like Scott Hall. Well, you got dropped too Randy. You are nothing more than a rock in the middle of the road about to be run over. I am the one about to run you over. I am the one about to take away your chances of going where you were wanting to go. So Randy, be ready for the one else has been!

He slams the door and fires up the engine. He is on his cell phone pulling out of the parking lot, and talking to someone that we cannot hear.

Nash- Scott's back. I know. Well I am takin' care of Savage this week...and Scott I don't need to take care of. That piece of trash doesn't have a thing on me. The only thing I am worried about The only thing I'm worried about is him being affiliated with Shane McMahon. I can take them on if I want to. Tell me about it. HAHA! Yeah...well I will see you later. Bye.

He hands up the phone and smiles as the scene fades to the WWF logo.

***The End***

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