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Chuck Palumbo

|| Disclaimer ||

This layout was made for Chick Palumbo of the EWE. If you wish to use anything from this layout, e-mail me at or IM me on AIM at Agonyscene101 and thanks! Enjoy!

|| End Disclaimer ||
|| Hitlist ||

The scene opens up with Chuck palumbo walking into the arena, duffle bag draped over his shoulder and cell phone pulled to his ear. He is laughing, looking to be in good shape wearing his loose blue jeans and tight black shirt that reads 'True Perfection' in a Papyrus looking font. He turns towards a locker room door that reads 'Chuck Palumbo' above the doorknob. It is centered in the middle of the door, however. He twists the knob andpushes the door open. He smiles, tossing his duffle bag into the room. Chuck sits down on the wooden bench by himself and speaks into the cell phone.


Yeah. Well I am debuting in the EWE this week. Should be interesting. No it's a dark match. Yeah I am ready. I've been training for the past few weeks. I can't wait to get back in the ring with some real competition. Yeah whatever. Haha! If you can even call them competition...yeah right. No...

He pauses for a long period of time...obviously the other person on the phone is speaking.


No it's no problem with me. I have these guys taken care of. Once I prove myself here, I am going to climb that ladder of success like no one else can. Yeah...I have my shirt on that says True Perfection so it's funny that you say that. No I'm not worried...

Another pause...


I have to face Rey Mysterio, Johnny Nitro, and Jeff Hardy. It's all of our debuts here. I could care less about these pieces of trash. I will take care of them in a heartbeat. Let's put it that way.

He stands up and rolls his shoulders a bit, showing that his arms are a little stiff from holding the phone.


Yeah it's all good. Yo, I am gonna' tour the arena, get a soda, and chill for a while before I go to the gym. Thanks for callin' though. Good luck in the JCW to you. Yeah, World Champion. That's somethin'. I will watch the match tonight. If you win...that gold will look good around your waist my friend. You know it. See ya' Korey.

He takes the phone from his ear, pushes a button on it...and walks out of the room as the scene fades.

***The End***

NOTES: I am sorry for it being so short. I am just trying to get things lined out here. I don't really have anything to roleplay about with no angles. Thanks for reading!

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