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Welcome to my Home Page   


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Welcome to my home page, I hope you will enjoy it.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Favorite Links

Weather & News:

The Best search engine and some useful links:


bulletSearch with Google
bulletFind a summary for some useful books.
bulletFind some free items on the web.

If you want to check out the weather and news of Oklahoma:

OSU weather report.

The OSU news paper.

The daily Oklahoman.




Personal Ads

"Leo" is currently for adoption. We are trying to find him a good home. If you need more information please call me or email me soon.

Useful Links:

   Save a pet if you can.

   Wall Street Gifts.

   International Phone cards ( Inexpensive cards).

   Online Apartment guide.

   Send Messages to AT&T cell phones.

   Some college humor.

   Free Sun glasses.


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