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101st Marine Co
Saturday, 1 October 2005
Welcome To Camp
Mood:  on fire
Fall in ya buncha maggots!!! Companeeee... Attennnnnnshun!!! Dress riiiight... Dress!!! Puhraaayd... Rest!!! Good day troops.... Welcome to Basic Training, better known as Hell on Earth. My name is Major Bradley Parks. I will be your Drill Instructor. Forget your girlfriend... forget your home... I am your mommy I am your daddy and I am your whole damn generation!!! So you maggots think ya wanna be in "101st Marine Co.," do ya? Well, listen up, maggots, if ya think yer gonna be in this here outfit, ya gotta get through Basic Training first. By God this is the sorriest lookin' buncha recruits I ever did see. Where in God's green acre did they find you scumbuckets?!? Wipe that smile off yer face, dirtbag!!! You see sumethin' funny?!? Do ya?!? Drop and gimme 20!!! So ya wanna enlist in "101st Marine Co.," do ya? Well, lemme tell ya, I have scraped smelly stuff off the bottom of my combat boots that looked like a better combat soldier than you!!!! From this moment on, you are a maggot, just a lowly Peon. You are a Buck Private. No rank, some privileges, and fun. You will learn the what your uniform is, and you will wear it at all times. You will learn the rank structure. You will pick an M.O.S. You will show respect to all superior Officers, both Non-Commissioned and Commissioned. You will do all this, or I will by God know why!!! Failure to fully comply with all the Rules and Regulations of "101st Marine Co." will result in disciplinary actions. I would hate to convene a Court-Martial for one of you maggots. Captain Williams don't take kindly to being bothered with maggots. If ya manage to survive Basic chances are ya will move on to yer AIT where you will study yer MOS. Some of ya will just be Grunts an' lemme tell ya, it ain't a bad life. Maybe yer inclinations run towards vehicles an' ya might wanna join the Cavalry. Some of ya got yer heads in the clouds anyways so maybe ya wanna join up with the Air Corps. An' some of ya look like sneaky bastards anyways, but don't be thinkin' ya can sneak up on ol' Gunny. But if ya got what it takes then ya might just wanna try out for Spec-Ops and be a sniper. Now listen up. Before ya know where yer going, ya gotta know where ya been. So we are all gonna march doubletime over to a nice safe little classroom where ya can sit on yer little tushies and learn the history of this here unit. Ya better enjoy it cuz it's the last time ya'll be sitting around in this outfit. Companeeee... Attennshun!!! Riiight... Face!!! At the Doubletime... Forward March!!!

Posted by ego2/101stmarineco at 2:31 PM EDT
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