Cat-World's Human/Feline Interaction Programmes:

Free Cats to Nice Homes!

We're going crazy: We're giving them away! (as they might say in the adverts);

Six very nice fuzzy individualistic creatures, mostly fully prepared to interact in your personal environment:

1) BOOTSY: 12-month tabby short-haired neutered male:
energetic and fun-loving;

2) BLACKY: 12-month black short-haired neutered male:
shy and enigmatic;

3) TIPPY: 12-month black long-haired spayed female:
mostly amusing;

4) FUZZY: 18-month grey long-haired neutered male:
sweet and friendly;

5) DOMINO: 18-month tuxedo short-haired neutered male:
silly and curious;

6) MAMACAT: 24-month white short-haired spayed female:
dynamic and cute;


All of these cats are neutered. All of these cats were adopted as mere little kittens from an alley-cat environment and introduced to the rudiments of human-feline interactions by a highly-trained team of compassionate humans. They are all fully litter-box trained. They might purrr and suck up to you, if you gently offer them food and quiet company. But they are shy, and do not appreciate rough treatment or sudden loud noises. They are used to outdoors-world freedom, but they ought to adapt to confined parameters, given sufficient food and attention. They have all demonstrated an ability to get along with other cats.

These cats are currently available for interviews in the downtown Toronto area.

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