2012/2013 Drama Department Officers

(L-R) Chris Thomas (Treasurer), Sarah Gray (Secretary), Lena Shanley (President), Annette Brennan (Vice President), Audrey Twilleager (Community Outreach)

As members of the International Thespian Society, Westmont Thespians work together to promote Theatre as an Art Form among their fellow students.

Thespian officers attend the Northern California Leadership & Tech Conference in the Fall.
They travel to the state capitol in Sacramento for California Youth in Theatre Day in March.

And a large group of Thespians attend the State Conference in late Spring where they join 1,600-2,000 other high school students from all over the state of California. At these conferences, students have the opportunity to network, learn from and bond with drama students from all over the state of California, audition for scholarships and an All-State show which is rehearsed and produced in an exhilarating 24 hours!

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