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My World

This is My Domain
   This is my world. Such a wonderful world isn't it?
Wouldn't you like to visit my world more often? Yes
I thought that you would say that.

This is My Life
   My life is great. I'm the #1 Stunna on the High
school football team. I also have all the "friends", 
or associates as I would call them. Could my life be 
any better?

My Key Interests

     My interests consist of Football, Piercing of the body, Art, Music, and Drama. My main goal in life is to become a great football player. My current positions are Wing(Z), Tight End, and Defensive End. Defense is tha Bomb!!


     This past year my football team and I went to the Playoffs for the first time in years. Our over all record was 9-1 in our regular season and 1-1 in the Playoffs. This year was the best that Clarksville High has done since before our head coach has been coaching here. This year will be diferent though. We will prevail!!! See Schedule...

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My Preferences

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My Pics

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