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If Only...

If Only I Know What I Do Today
I Would Not Have Made The Mistakes I Made Each Day
If Only I Had Listened To What My Parents Had To Say
Maybe My Life Would Have Gone A Different Way
If Only I Was Strong Enough To Say No
Maybe I wouldn't Feel This Way And Wouldn't Want To Go
If Only I Could Feel Like I Haven't Lost Everything Dear To Me
Then Maybe I Wouldn't Want To Flee
If Only I Didn't Feel The Pain That I Do Each Day
I Might Be Able To See Myself In A Better Way
If Only...

~~Timmy Boi~~

4Give Thoughts Of You And Me Fly Thru My Head I Can't Believe That Nite And What You Said Even Though I Know The Truth, I Try To Hide I Want To Go Far Away From Here, But Instead I Seem To Wake And Breathe Another Breath Conscience Again, Thinking Bout The Day You Left The Dayz After, The Harsh Words You Spoke The Pain That Came With, I Tried So Hard To Cope With Those Words I Lost Any Glimer Of Hope To Much Pain, Hate Seemed To Take Itz Place I Have To Forgive, This Alone I'll Have 2 Face Bein Filled With Hate Is Not Working For Me Soon Hopefully I Will Clearly See This Can't Be The Way I Am 2 Live For You And I, I Need 2 Forgive ~~Timmy Boi~~