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WARNING: The following show features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, MTV and the producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or reenact any stunt or activity performed on this show.

Tom Green Bio

Born in Pembroke (a Canadian city,) Tom Green has made a name for himself in the comedy circles with his off beat humor. He has his own TV show, the Tom Green Show, on MTV which allows him the liberty to express his humor. He even used his brush with cancer to create a comedy episode that teaches a lesson. With Green nothing is off limits, it seems, he regularly plays pranks on his parents during his show to get a laugh. To date, though, his biggest attention getting behavior has been his wife Drew Barrymore.

Green's brush with comedy came as a result of his father's employment. His father was in the army, and as a result the Green family moved quite a bit. Green was always the new kid at school, so he turned to comedy to make the transition easier for him. It wasn't until that last few weeks of grade two that the Green's moved to Ottawa and stayed long enough for Tom to remain in Robert Hopkins Public School long enough to make friends. Green's best friend, Derek Harvie, sat next to him in class on that late spring day when Green first came to Robert Hopkins and recalls his antics that eventually got him moved to the front of the class. Green's love of comedy, though, didn't bloom until sixth grade when he made it to the finals in a Public Speaking contest with his speech on Comedy. He gave a speech on the different types of comedy with examples of each. One of the judges asked him to give a sample about the use of comedy to get out of a situation. So Green, on the spur of the moment, comes up with a joke that brings the house down. Even afterwards while awaiting word from the judges, Green was receiving praise from students and adults alike. He was hooked forever more on comedy as a result.

His special brand of comedy can be attributed to his skateboarding days and the attitude of skateboarders. He takes everyday events and imagines what would be the worst possible thing that could happen and "flips it" and makes that scenario into the best possible thing that could happen. That is how he dealt with his boat with testicular cancer. He could have taken the news and became depressed about it, but he took it and "flipped it" around. As a result he survived the incident with ease.

The former skateboarder, rap artist (his group released on record) and standup-comic first assaulted audiences with his humor in a local radio broadcast. The show which began as a rap music show eventually turned into a comedy hour where Green, the D.J., pulled pranks on strangers. From there he moved to a public access program, the comedy network, and finally MTV. Green has recently taken his humor to the big screens with credits such as "The Green Mile" (a small part as a psycho inmate who puts a live mouse in his mouth), a guest spot in "Charlie's Angels" and "Freddy Got Fingered" which he stars in and co-wrote.