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These are little things that pop
in your head at the weirdest times,
and come to you with the sincerity that
makes you think you should pay attention
to them. I pay attention to them.
And they come out into words.
don bernal

Updated 4-27-05

(alternative explanation:
short stories, poems, and random thoughts that kept bouncing in my and other's heads till the sound of the bouncing was irritating enough to make us put down whatever we were doing and write down the sound of bouncing against the relative walls in our heads...)


I hope your prayers were better than mine
- I had nothing to forgive you for. I'm sorry. If you can read this, I'd like to hear from you again.
Added 4-27-05
An Acute Sense of the Middle
- its where you are standing when you don't know where you are.
Added 9-02-02
Fool's Gold
- it's nice and shiny and looks valuable. Just looks, though.
Added 2-22-01
Stuffing The Pillow
...and all its wonderful associations.
Added 11-1-00
Nightmare #2
- number one was so scary I still can't remember it.
Added 9-12-00
Inconsistent angel things
- am I that easy to ignore? I'm not even paying attention to my own thoughts. I'm not here right now. I hope I'll pick up my own message later.
Added 9-9-00
- there's a million different ways to say it. I try to find the one way you can't say it.
Added 8-2-00
Beyond Everything
- Nothing is as it seems. Everything is up for grabs. Sometimes, it pays to not pay attention.
Added 5-7-00

The Arts - a collection of descriptions for the often undefinable

The Art of Rejection
- It looks like a broken vase. Added 3-27-00
The Art of Bitterness
- It looks like a burned hot dog laying crumpled on the ground. Added 3-29-00
The Art of Creative Suicide
- It looks like a noose swaying from the branch of a rose petal. Added 3-30-00
The Art of Civil Disobedience
- It looks like a bowtie and tux, behind jail cell bars.
Added 1-30-01
The Art of the Broken Mind
- its what's in your head when you hear a slight sloshing sound inside.
Added 9-02-02
The Art of Being Ambigiuous
- In all honesty - the other Arts are better. This just has more spelling errors.
Added 5-01-03

~*Some works from other writers, and my good friends*~

All I Wanna by Fallon B.
- just another kid growing up in another family. Do you recognize your world?
Added 8-4-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy... by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in. (at least someone's trying)
Added 8-7-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy...Part II by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in.
Added 8-7-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy...Part III by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in.
Added 8-10-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy...Part IV by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in.
Added 8-10-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy...Part V by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in.
Added 8-12-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy...Part VI by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in.
Added 8-12-00
At Least I'm Not Trendy...Part VII by Fallon B.
- a young girl struggles to be herself while her other friends need to fit in.
Added 8-14-00
Broken Hearted by Fallon B.
- "All The Small Things" don't matter when you ain't got that thing.
Added 8-20-00
Goodbye by Fallon B.
-sometimes we all have to go. Sometimes it's the going that will draw us back.
Added 9-14-00
Bury These Days by Fallon B.
- "in one hour I swear I'll be sober, I swear I will be".
Added 9-7-00
And in the End by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 10-07-00
And in the End Part II by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 10-10-00
And in the End Part III by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 10-10-00
And in the End Part IV by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 10-26-00
And in the End Part VII by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 11-10-00
And in the End Part VIII by Fallon B.
...future imperfect? (what's going to happen next!)
Added 11-26-00
And in the End Part IX by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 1-30-01
And in the End Part V by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 10-28-00
And in the End Part VI by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 11-1-00
And in the End Part X by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 2-14-01
And in the End Part XI by Fallon B.
...future imperfect?
Added 2-14-01
And in the End Part XII by Fallon B.
...future imperfect? ... And the end of "And in the End".
Added 2-18-01
Date With A Goth Part 1 by Fallon B.
- about the band members from kittie.... and not the author Fallon, but the bassist from the band. Duh.
Added 2-11-01
Date With A Goth Part II by Fallon B.
- about the band members from kittie.... and not the author Fallon, but the bassist from the band. Duh.
Added 2-22-01
Football By Mike Best - some people just can't wait for fall. It's the summer damnit, just enjoy it. Added 8-6-99
Agincourt By Mike Best - (poem) take a trip, won't you, to a trip through history Added 7-25-99
The Red Woods By Mike Best - I like things that make you think of stuff we don't normally look at and make pretty on them. Added 8-6-99
Ancestors By Mike Best - (poem) my friend Mike's take on who makes him up Added 7-21-99

And everything else....

Um......another way of looking at it
Waking Up
- this may or may not apply to you, but I for one know when I go to sleep every night, I worry just a little bit that I might wake up like this. Added 10-15-99
Three lines at a time
- the title says it for itself, I think. Cause that's how it came to me...three lines at a time.. Added 9-18-99
...Really Sort of Like
- someone complimented me and said this had intonation, which I then said What... and she said it was.... and then she began waving her arms. I think that if a story can make someone wave their hands, it's done a hell of a job. Added 10-22-99
This is December - if you know what November means, then you'll know how important December became. Added 8-2-99 I L U
-I think I'm lying here, but who knows, poetry is fiction is full of lies anyway Added 11-29-99
Let's say you could live forever
- ...well. Would you? Added 8-13-99
Why-some questions just shouldn't be ..... Added 7-23-99 STORM
- with liberty from Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. Added 11-17-99
Time was - dust falls
- Time Was - a book spun off from Isaac Asimov's History of Robotics- was a definite inspiration for this little thing. Added 10-8-99
Where you are - ever really notice?...just notice? Added7-26-99 Limbo
- forgetting what you're doing here can leave you here. Added 8-9-99
What comes down when the millenium draws near on a cloudy day
- believe me, the title isn't much longer than the story. Believe me. Added 8-6-99
Freedom In Flying
- ...because there is. And when you're not careful, you just might remember why. Added 8-9-99
Weight of Truth / Butterflies Don't Fly
- but for the Grace of God go I into wrongness.
Added 4-17-00
Angry Letter
- NOTE: This story absolutely does not relate to anyone in particular. No one was used for any part of this story, except for me but only my hand and a fraction of my brain. No one was hurt in the making of this story,except maybe for a pencil's head being broken. I have since re-sharpened that particular pencil. Added 10-14-99
Pressing a button.... -how a letter gets to your screen, and more ..... Added 7-26-99 The Pumpkin King - (poem) Right after watching Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas"....there was no way I could listen to all that singing and not make up something myself. Added 7-19-99 One of those days
- just one of those ..... days when it seems like all you want to do is....... Added 10-22-99
Meaning of Life.-One day I really got fed up with the whole "meaning part", so I thought I'd answer it, once and for all. - Added 7-19-99 Lying Glass / Last Resort
-.... oh, yeah. Something...something... reminding me that it's important...
Added 5-25-00
If I go to Brazil...
- ...then you must read this. Otherwise, I just urge you to glance at it. Really glance at it, though. Added 8-22-99
The Hunger- Ummmm, I was hungry one day,..... and I was waiting for someone. I was REALLY hungry. Added 7-19-99 Place At Night
-or endless rage.
Added 10-05-00
Better Days - One day I noticed something going wrong at school. Then I found out what it was. Added 7-19-99
Butterfly Dreams
- a fairy tale that you can actually believe (for a small part at least).Added 8-20-99
Bar Stool - (poem) actually, it'll happen to me after I can legally drink Added 7-20-99 Where is my name tag?
- just lost my name once (well, more than once, but unless you work with me that isn't important enought to know). Added 11-13-99
The Last Man Standing
- he might not be the last man standing, but it sure feels like it.Added 9-3-99
I am...
- funny thoughts ask themselves why it is their purpose so absurd.
Added 5-1-00
Forgetting Myself
- sometimes old thoughts gets mixed up in your head, and stuff you wanted a long time ago come back to you in thoughts that match the rhythm of rain drops hitting the window in your room. Added 11-19-99
Leaning On A Rail At Any Age
- unlike most of the things I've written, this actually happened to me. Or what I think happened to me.... Added 9-24-99
Behind the Dreaming Tree - (poem) Inspired by Dave Matthew's "The Dreaming Tree" on their last's such an awesome song that it sticks with me after I've already heard it. Added 7-19-99 Guilt
-guilt, regret, all that other stuff too - and sorry for being so bad, Sarah. You were actually a nice person, if I could only see in with my eyes instead of.......... Added 12-7-99
Perfect Girl or The Other Way
- there is a joke in this story that is not mine but is still funny.I won't say what it is but thank you to Jose (pronounced Josie for some reason she can't explain to me) and indirectly to Elise, because I liketo indirectly refer to her as much as I can. Added 10-29-99
Behave Today / End of You, Again
- two poems that you blah blah blah...I don't think I even read these little things anymore so just there.... Added 11-5-99
Slip Away
- a borderline story on how to let go of something you don't even know you carry with you (huh?). Added 12-20-99
The Finger Story
- a real story about fingers that's not quite true, but in the end,you'll get the point anyway. Added 8-22-99
Valley of Clowns
- sometimes when I don't like people I think like this. Added 10-8-99
A Happy Song
- I guess it is possible to not know what I'm writing and still make sense. Added 8-22-99
Echoes in the silence
- there is a fine line between knowing what you want and knowing what you need
. Added 8-18-99
The Problem Now
- only if you think anything's wrong... otherwise this won't make any sense at all to your wonderful mind. Added 11-19-99
Hot Time in a Cool Place
- when you look at someone and they sort of just stare at you without really seeing you... this is probably what's going on in their head. Just a guess, that's all. Added 1-13-00
-this is called a road dream. By only me, but that's okay, it's my page Added 11-29-99
Dishes Break
-at least there aren't any talking mice Added 11-29-99
Next, please
-don't get any weird ideas about this. I don't really go up to strangers and talk about this stuff. That's what friends are for. Added 1-28-00
Turn in Line
-remember when they said we would get smarter as we grew up...they were wrong Added 11-29-99
Heart-Shaped Mind
-saying goodbye to someone I knew so well. Added 12-18-99
Of the Midnight Hour
-sometimes the night can make you remember the weirdest things. And you can't really run away from them. Added 1-15-00
An Everyday Thing
-I believe that this goes on everday. Very patiently, under nature's eyes. (But the voices were my idea) Added 1-29-00
First Morning
-written as a letter to someone I wanted to write a letter too. But I wasn't in the mood to write a letter. So oh well... Added 1-28-00
Fifteen Minutes of Hell
- A story about a lifetime in third grade. Added 2-27-00
- funny how a blackout - no electricity - can get to a person. Added 10-8-99
On People / Mirror People
- more and more of the same. I seem to really write about everyone else but me though. Added 11-5-99
Devil and His Story
- A nightmare gone bad. Added 2-6-00
Learning to Sleep
- written for the hope that maybe things could be this simple. If you happen to think this is simple. Also, this was written for a girl named Jo, so there you go. Added 2-5-00
Stepping Lightly on a Cloud
- I kept mispelling the word "world" in this poem. Like it was actually a part of the thing. But it annoyed me so I let it go. Added 2-8-00
A Word From God
- I didn't know he cared that much. That's egg on my face, then. Added 2-9-00
The Tree of Life
- the Tree of Life doesn't really exist, okay. It's only a dream some guy had. Only he thinks it's true. Added 2-28-00
- I dunno..... Added 3-1-00
Before Freud and Others
- ... .... ..... Added 2-12-00
Routine Matter in the Kitchen
- a fine sunny day, a gorgeous night, and he's all cooped up in the kitchen. Added 3-1-00
A Clouded Room
- I thought I was saying "crowded" room but I was wrong.. Added 3-29-00
For Micah
- for being born on the right day. Added 3-21-00
Wistful Things
- say it too many times and it doesn't become a word anymore. Added 3-6-00
Waking Me
- speaking of waking up...shouldn't I, soon?
Added 4-5-00
Four More Reasons to be Happy
- They ain’t the best reasons in the world, but they suit me just fine. Added 3-24-00

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