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Welcome! Not much here at the moment I'm afraid,
but more will be added in due course.

Unfortunately, this site is still under construction and my fics will not be the only
things here. I'm planning on adding other peoples so send 'em in!
For those who hadn't gathered this site is dedicated to works of digimon, pokemon, and any other fan fiction related to anime
Want more info or want to contribute? Buzz me. I'm on msn messenger too.



  1. Destiny's Change
  2. The Revelation
  3. The New Menace

This is my ongoing series about a digidestined stuck in the digital world for 15 years. I'd call this a drama/angst


This is a one off shounen ai, and it's - I quote from Crow, webmaster of - a very moving Taito. This is NOT a lemon! No sex is involved what so ever!

Well, between classes and writing, not sure how much time i'll have to work on this site . . . Ciao