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The Order has undergone a major philosophical change and no longer follows a hierachical structure of membership, all ranks and pointless titles have been abandoned. The quest is now the only Great or Grand objective and that lays with no single individual.

The name Seneschal is applied to the administrator and scribe it carries no rank or status for the individual, there is no longer a Grand Master and there are no Grand Officers, we no longer follow an individual as there is no need to glorify any single member of the House. When admitted to the House all are equal in the right to Knowledge and Wisdom.

Membership of this Order is closed to all but the most sincere seekers of the Templar ideal. In the frst instance applicants must write to the Seneschal providing details of their knowledge of the Templar, their reasons for wishing to become a member of the Order, and finally they must convince the Seneschal and the brethren of the House, that they have the ability to comply with the rule. If the Seneschal is satisfied with their enquirey he will reply.

Admission is only granted to those who can fully demonstrate, in writing, their reasons for wishing to join the Order. If they can satisfy the Seneschal and the brothers of their ability to comply with the Rule of the Order they may be admitted as a novice.

This is an Order of Spiritual Knighthood that has grown from several, much older, organisations and has in its membership men of considerable Templar knowledge and spiritual development.

For this reason membership of the Order and admittance as a Frater of the House is not offered lightly and only open to those who can prove their genuine desire to seek for the knowledge of the original Founders.

Applicants must Provide, in writing, A reasoned argument for wishing to be considered as a postulant novice of the Order and, if accepted, will spend a probationary period lasting of up to six months, before being considered for admission to the House.

This is not a whimsical organisation to be toyed with, but a serious undertaking involving the acceptance, and adherence, to the Templar Rule.

For those who do not seek to be considered for membership of the House, but would prefer to associate through a sharing of information regarding the original Founders, a similar written application must be provided. We do not wish to enter into discourse with those who are tempted by shallow motives or base intentions but welcome the minds of true seekers after wisdom and knowledge.