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Team Devious

Our Team is a small, newly formed team based in Atlanta. We have been working hard to achieve our goal, building our first bot, with the minimal funding we have. It can be described, as all stories, as one group's struggle to take the world of robotic combat by storm. Well, maybe not by storm, but we sure as heck will try to get to the televised rounds in November.

First there is the heart and soul of the team, the members, of which there are three:

Next we would have pictures of us, if it weren't for the minor detail that stupid Windows ME says that my digital camera doesn't exist. Grrr... Oh well, that's what happened with the cruddy pictures on the home page too... HA! I made replacements in paint. Check back later and I'll have 'em up. cya.


Email: Justin Welborn - Leader
Email: Team Devious