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Team Devious

This Web Page is designed to document the trials and tribulations of Team Devious as we gallantly march into the world of fighting robots.

Scylla Cardboard Scylla Guts

I am Justin Welborn, leader of Team Devious. Above is my new best friend, Scylla. It is designed for competing at a local robot fighting event, and then at Battlebots in phoenix. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done and, just like school, we will be up the night before for some long hours with the welder.

Any of you experienced veterans of the battle box can feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think of our design. We are always open to advice. Thank you.

To all of you bot builders, we wish you fortune, happiness, and a long battery life.

Quote of the Week:"And earlier, Toro puts World peace on its back like a prom date!"
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7/18/01: Yesss, the Motors, our first major internal component has just arrived. YEAH! I had fun driving around my wooden prototype with my rc batteries today. Tomorrow I'll try to get the remote/reciever from Jamie's house (He's in SanFrancisco). Also, Patrick found some great metal in his garage that we can use for the corners of our armor. Oh, yeah, sponsor-wise, we have mailed, but no response yet. keep your fingers crossed!


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