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Our trip back to pender island

(Aug 15-20 2002)

August, we went back to pender, this time it involved alot of drinking, and we had a different crew this time, instead of me mike jaime and erik, we had me, mike, jaime, bryan, and graham, making for some good drunken stumbles, we have another role of film of drunken pictures we have yet to develope, but hes some of the pics from our first role, there pretty much all horrible

Me with the sun in my eyes, I looked fucked up

A head shot of me

Mike looking funny at driftwood

I died spilners hair green that weekend, heres the first half of the process

You know in the movies when the beautiful girl emerges from the pool and looks very seducing, i think thats what bryan is going for here

A roll of film isnt a roll of film wihtout me and mikes classic picture