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Our trip to pender island

(May 17-20 2002)

Last month, me and 3 friends, (erik mike and jaime) went up to pender island (where my dad lives) for a big soap box derby, it was alot of fun, me and jaime both had our own soap boxes, erik used my dads. at one part in one of the races erik cut me off and I bailed on my ass, it really hurt, we never got a picture of my bail, but heres a bunch of other pictures, hover on the picture for descriptions.

Me and mike on the ferry ride to pender Jaime trying out his soap box trike we made him Me testing out jaimes trike, we didnt get any pictures of my soap box because it wasnt worth the film used to take a picture Well jaime and his trike came in first place in the competition, so we took a picture of everyone who helped build it, its a horrible pic, i look like i am trying to sell teddy grahams, mikes trying to look huge, erik poses as superman, and jaime, well, hes just jaime

Also on pender island is my dads collection of cars, hs got about 500 of em, and we took pictures of some of the nicest ones, See the cars