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My art

hey, i dont really got much to put up for my art cause my scanners not running, so i can only scan my shit at friends houses, but whatever, heres my pics i got scanned

this is my picture of dink from invaderz, its a comic me and a bunch of friends are making, check it out here

heres a pic of me and a bunch of friends took me like 5 hours to do on mspaint, the people (left to right) are: Jaime, Me, Jessica, Taylor, Morgan, Erik, and mike. I'll add poeple as i have time

a rendition of the old picture, replacing jess taylor erik and morgan and putting in graham and bryan, making me, jaime, mike, graham, and bryan, the 5 we call the crew

another picture drawn in mspaint, edited in photoshop, its jesus, and guess what, hes on acid, praise the lord!