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Pics of my friends

Heres a few pics of some of my friends, some online friends, some friends from school, or whatever, friends, not all of my friends are on this site, just the ones i got pics of, so i'll try and get pics of everyone, if ur a friend and u got a pic, send it, if your not a friend and u got a pic, nobody cares, go play in traffic

wow its me at 5 am ready to go snowboarding...this pic was takin in like december..dont i look so happy

heres a pic of my cousin erik, hes one of my best friends, and hes a member of my band...our band. it kinda looks like this pic was taken at 5 am as wait, he always looks like this

heres froggy, eriks girlfriend, why shes named froggy? i dunno, but i call her that cause i dont remember her real name also see
another froggy pic
my friend trevor, a true moron, in this picture he is having an explosize orgasm, check out his other pic too, its quite amusing

heres my cousin megan, if u think shes hot, i dont wanna hear it, thats my cousin and its gross, u wanna see more pics, heres heres her website, just dont mention anything about it to me

This is one of my best friends jaime, who was dubbed big buddah by some drunk guy on the street, hes riding his trike we made him at pender island

This is My friend mike, hes pretty much my brother, he moved out now, but he lived with me for the whole summer, i spent 68 days with him around every minute, and were still best friends
this is mikes girlfirend, her name is yolandi, shes the one in the midlle, this pictures like 2 years old I think, i dunno, the other 2 girls are poeple who i dont know