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Assorted Pictures and Shit

This is me with my little black friend who lives in my pocket

This is a pic taked of me and mike with some friends form port moody, Laurie (the chick) on the left, then Mike, Then Kelsey, Then Laurie (the me dude)

A pic of me and mike.. and of course my pocket friend

This is me and mike at browning harbour, a beach on pender island

Heres me mike and kelsey at playland on my birthday, it was weird, it was my birthday, then Kelsey and Annette (not in the pic) just showed up and we went to playland. live spontainious

Another pic of me mike and kelsey, both these are bad pics, but meh what can ya do

Heres me on the fone and My girlfriend's little brother dilan striving for attention

Again me and dilan, as you can tell hes a smart kid, I'll teach him to be punk, its all good

Me with my mohawk all done up, a month before i cut it off

the final hours before I cut it off

angle 2

and angle 3

This is my girlfriend Aleasha, look at that sexy punk, we've been together 6 monthes as of feb 13

another picture of Aleasha, like her little brother, she is a smart girl