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--Our band--

As with most groups of teens we all decided we wanted to start a band, the members are not fully decided, because half of the canidates dont have inturment, the other half are to irresponsible to get shit in gear,but anyways the name of the band is "At Least Its Me" representing how much crap your average punk teen deals with, criticism for how we dress, the chains we wear, the music we like or whatever, the whole point of being punk is to strive for individuality to be different than everyone else, i may not be what you want me to be, i may not be what you think a person should be like, i am not perfect, i'm just a punk kid, but at least its me, and so came the name.

At the moment things are not entirely organized, the members are still undecided, we keep switching back and forth. we stilld onthave a drumset, not money to pay for one, other than that everyone has instruments i need a new string for my bass, but thats not hard. but ya when anyhting is decided, i'll put it up on the site

Well our band may not be much, but we have alot of ideas, maybe 20 songs with lyrics written (most of wich arnt very good and wont have music and shit made for them) a couple guitar/ bass lines etc, and shit like that, also some names for cds are in our minds, our first one will be "look mom no talent"

The Band

.....and its possible members.....