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All aboot me


heres a pic of me and my gfs little brother.

hey, I figured I might as well make a page aboot me, not like anyone actually gives a damn aboot what i am like, but heres some useless info if u want it

-Full name: Laurence patric barclay brown storie roach

-Age: 16

-Birthday: June 24th 86

-Birthplace: Vancouver BC Canada

-Living: Langley BC Canada

-Weight: 169 pounds

-Height: 6'

-Shoe size: 12

-Hair color: at the moment, blue

-Eye color: one Brown one turquoise

-Piercings: Eyebrow

-Religion: Laurianism, I made it myself, its great, of course I am god

-Hobbies: Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Listening to music, Drawing, Making an ass of myself in public, biking, eating random objects, Playing guitar, shit like that, writing

-Best friends: Jaime, Mike, Bryan, Tristen, and Graham

-Favorite food: Mayonaise and tortelleni

-Favorite tv show: the price is right

-Favorite movies: Billy madison, Dude wheres my car, american outlaws, Romeo must die, oceans 11, detroit rock city

-Favorite car: My car

-Favorite music: punk

-Favorite band: mxpx, less than jake, and Consumed,

-Favorite song: Gainsville rock city -less than jake, and 9th and pine - less than jake

-Maritial status: In a loving reliationship with my Beautiful girlfriend Aleasha

-Favorite things in life: my friends, Being canadian, Sleeping, mayonaise, Skateboarding, mountin biking, Guitars, and of course Aleahsa.

-Favirute sayings: No fires anywhere... NEVER EVER

-Other: Thats about all there is to me, I'm your normal canadian punk ass teenage kid with a.d.d., who disrespects everyone and likes mayonaise. Also I am in a band, the members are undecided, we'll figure it out.

Heres one of my favorite pics of me, jaimes on the left mike on the right