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Here are some some picture galleries of just whatever we have pictures of, if u have a pic u want me to put somewhere, send it to me, more pictures to come as soon as i get em scanned

My art Pictures I have drawn, some by hand, and some on the computer
Friends art pictures my friends have drawn ands aksed me to put on my site
My friends Pictures of my friends pender island 1 Me Mike Jaime and Erik all on pender Island last spring
pender island 2 Me, Mike, Jaime, Bryan, And graham, back on pender in mid august, soojn to have drunk pictures
Cars Some of my dads cars
Me and Aleasha Assorted pictures of me, and my girlfriend Aleasha
Galliano island pictures of me jaime mike and a bunch of other people all on galliano island
Assorted Pictures Just different pictures from random places and shit