Wood Carvings By Steven

Since I have been a teenager, I have always enjoyed working with wood. My father was quite a good carver and all round artist, so I guess that is where I picked up this hobby.

Duncan McLelland was instrumental in being my mentor for "in the round" bird carving. "Dunc" as he is known by his friends is a good carver and a GREAT teacher.

Many of my carvings were started, worked on, and completed in Dunc's basement studio, with wonderful companionship by his son, and Orrie. If you ever get a chance to share a hobby - do it! It is amazing the enjoyment you will get out of the experience.

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Not Failed CNC Engraved Sign!

Chip Carved Wall Plaque!

Above are just a few of the carvings I have made over the years.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

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