Yes, it finally happened. You take a guy who knows about electronics, toss in some mechanics to make a CNC machine, and all of a sudden robots seem doable.

This is going to be my crack at making a robot. Some people would question this, as there are very few actual reasons to build one. Most of the robots you see on the net really do not do anything - follow a line, put out a candle, etc. This robot will be about as useless, with one exception. I am making it to keep current with the technology. It will also be yet another interesting hobby.

Here are some of the features I am working on:

  • Mulitple PIC controllers working as slaves to one master
  • Speech synthesis using a new SpeakJet!
  • Variable speed control using a National 18200 3A motor control chip
  • User Interface (keypad/lcd) - yep another pic
  • Sensor board - still another one

    This is a distributed processing robot that will have a considerable number of PIC micro controllers connected together to make a fairly complex unit. Using this model, many behaviours will be easy to implement. Who knows rumba may have competition!

    RADAR Robot

    Everything needs a name. Since my first real robot is going to be a learning machine, I derived the name from: Research And Developement Autonomous Robot or RADAR for short!

    RADAR Construction

    RADAR is built from purchased, found and constucted items. Here are some links on how it was built:

    Robot Base shows how RADAR's base was developed.

    PWM Motor Control explains about drive electronics.

    Yet to come:

    Motor controls, speech synth, power distribution board, sensor board, UI board, and PC104 main brain! Yes, this robot will be a challenge!

    Evolution of RADAR Series Robots

    Looks like there are going to be a few robots rolling around. Check out RADAR1 build notes. There will be build notes on each of the robots in the RADAR series. Note the acronym RADAR was created by Steven Manzer in the summer of 2004. Please do not use this name for your bot - be creative and make up your own!

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