What is a CYBIKO? A cybiko was a PDA designed for kids that came out around 2000. It was originally sold for about $100 and had wireless capability. It was really meant to talk between multiple cybiko's in a group (pretty cool for kids).

The Cybiko Classic is readily available on eBay for about $10 including shipping. The display is a graphic dot matrix, but the default font gives 32Char by 16 lines. The keypad is a full QWERTY.

The magazine "Nuts & Volts" had an artical how you could easily convert one of these PDA's to a simple RS232 terminal. Hmmm...a terminal that is portable for $10? I can not buy an LCD for that, then I would have to figure out an RS232 circuit, a get the idea.

Here are the steps:

  • Buy a Cybiko Classic (the one with serial not USB)
  • Download the Sofware Development Kit from my site (had to save it here unless it disappeared off the net)
  • Download the Terminal App from my site.
  • Run the SDK, transfer the and Comport.dl to the Cybiko
  • Configure by hitting SELECT
  • Debug away!

    The RS232 port on the cybiko is very flimsy, and I did not get a cable for each one of my four that I bought. Looking at the connector with the wide part at the top, lets call the left most pin, pin 1:

  • 1 goes to DB9 pin 2 RX
  • 2 goes to DB9 pin 3 TX
  • 3 goes to DB9 pin 7 RTS (may not be needed for you)
  • 4 goes to DB9 pin 5 GND

    More RS232 connector info can be found on the web.

    Passwords If your cybiko has a password when you get it, you can remove it using the sdk:

    1. open the SDK and (set your com port if it not all ready done).
    2. type in 'id' at the command line and hit enter, if no reply, open a new window and try again.
    3. in the command line type 'setting' and hit enter (this will get you in to the settings)
    4. press enter while 'system' is highlighted, now turn the password to 'off' or write down the password.
    5. reboot or enter in the password and your done.