"The 'Turbo' PipeDream" CNC Router

Plans for the PipeDream are available from John Klienbaur and are well worth the minimal money John charges.

Would you like to turboize your existing machine? Here is your chance. I have managed to increase the cutting speed of the PipeDream from 6ipm to a whopping 22ipm. I currently have a well documented method you can use to easily and inexpensively turboize your existing machine. I am asking for $15US which includes the shipping and handling in North America.

The process of speeding up my machine has taken almost six months of experimentation. Save yourself the headache and learn from my mistakes and successes!

The booklet includes items such as:

  • Lead screw selection
  • Lead screw couplers (and how to make them)
  • Power supply selection
  • CNC Controller modifications
  • Current limit design
  • Heat concerns
  • Part source
  • Neat features not found elsewhere!

    Most of the information in this booklet will apply to any home built CNC machine. This is ideal reading/resource for your machine before or after you build. There are tips that will make your machine easier to use, and some for some tips, it is best if the machine is still in the "thinking about it" stage.

    I accept PayPal (preferred), cheque or international money order. I am willing to ship world wide. Click to request a Quote

    If you want to use PayPal, I will send you my email address. There are lots of spammers out there, so I have removed my email address from my web pages.