"Jack Green's Cool CNC Router

In 2002 I met Jack Green through a sale I had on eBay for some stepper motors. Since then we have become friends and regularly bounce ideas off each other. Jack finally got his machine together and sent me a couple of photos which are seen here.

Jack designed the machine himself, and is very happy with the accuracy and speed (up to 46 inches per minute!!!).

Jack uses drive nuts that he manufactured himself, connected to the steppers by belts. This is very cool, since he lives off-grid and powers his shop by solar with ocasional generator use - way to go Jack!

You have to excuse the mess in the shots. Jack was so excited once he got it running he took the shots before he had time to clean up the machine or put the power supply in a case. Boy does that ever sound familiar!

Jack's Machine!

Jack's Y Axis

Jack's Z Axis!

Jack's Power Supply!

If you want to email Jack he would like to hear from you! Go back to my main page for some other totally irrevalent information!