CNC Hardware Suppliers

Electronic parts

ABRA Electronics This is where I buy most of the electronics for my projects. I have found them very helpful, ship quickly and correct any problems that (rarely) happen. Ask for Kevin!
DIGIKEY - VERY fast delivery in Canada! Randy can get you great deals on PIC's!

Misc Hardware/bearings/couplers etc. Great on line supplier for hard to find parts.
CNC On A Budget is Paul Jones site - GREAT Engravers and Z-AXIS!!
Canadian Tire very popular hardward store in Canada.
Canadian Bearing for any kind of bearing you need!
Princess Auto Steel, aluminum, UHMW Plastic, bits & pieces
Home Depot Gas Pipe/fittings/hardware
eBay Canadian Eh! Motors, RotoZip, Linear Slides
Servo Motors and Controllers
Camtronics Cases, stepper/servo drivers, kits GREAT Supplier!

Camtronics 2A Controller

This is a photo of the Camtronics 2A stepper controller board (purchased in kit form), and a power supply that was in the process of being built to power up the board. Dan has provided one of the best kits I have seen in over 20 years of electronics use. I would highly recommend this kit!

The kit took about two hours to assemble (the photo is prior to inserting the IC's into the sockets and attaching the supplied heat sinks). It is my controller for the PipeDream.

These are most of the major suppliers of parts for my CNC projects.