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Love to hear from you, but if you ask for free stuff (plans, motors etc.) your message will be deleted. I have recently been flooded with several "wanna bee's" that wanna get a bank account before they start into this hobby. Advice is free, plans for designs, software, gcode, dxf files are all available, but at a reasonable cost.

I even get emails from people who want me to "share" the information that I have bought from John Kleinbaur (floating nuts and the schematic for this Piker4X are the top ones!). John does not overprice his products and I highly recommend buying them. They are worth every penny! Others want me to send them "extra" steppers, slides or just about anything. Stuff costs money. This hobby will cost $500US to start, realize it, budget for it, pay for it!

Enough ranting. I will be putting some free stuff up here. Also there is a ton of information on my web site(s) already. You can freely use it however you want. The info on my sites can easily save you hours of work and litterally hundreds of dollars. Enjoy! I am!

** READY NOW! (October 2003 FREE!!) Build a clock for $1 in ONE hour Click here!!

** READY NOW! (October 2003 FREE!!) GCode to engrave a 12" (1/16" increments) ruler Click here!

I may be adding some .dxf files here to share with the world. These are primarily going to be engraving files (company logo's, etc) that I have digitized.

Check back soon for more info.
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