CNC Items and Products For Sale

This page will show items that are for sale either related to building a CNC Machine or products created on CNC Machines

Hard Drive Clocks!

are now available! Below is a sample 5 1/4" hard drive platter that unfortunatly crashed. It is now reborn as a beautiful clock with custom CNC engraved numbers. The movement is a quality quartz which runs on a single AA battery (included).

Hard Drive Clocks

Send us your old crashed hard disk and we can make a custom clock just for you. Your name or a slogan (hey, what about "DID YOU BACKUP?") can be engraved.

Standard HD Clocks are $20, slightly more for custom work.

Custom CNC Desk Signs

are now available! Below is a sample using plexiglass with a pine base. Muliple colored plastic laminate is available with various bases.

Desk Signs

Solid wood signs are a favorite! Below you can see a solid Maple with Pine base desk sign. The letters are 1" high and the sign is 9.5"x3". Hey, these can be used in stores as well!

Wood Desk Signs

Contact me for a quote or for more info.

Custom CNC Wooden Signs

are now available! Below is a sample using pine with the same font, just cut at different depths.

Different types of wood, thicknesses, edge treatments, fonts and borders are available.

Remember, a cottage with no sign is a sign of lost relatives (hey maybe that is a good thing...). Contact me for a quote or for more info.

Wooden Signs

Custom CNC Stencils

Stencil Sample

Ever have trouble with your tools, boat, canoe, motor walking off. Ever have a neighbour that "forgot" to return your treasures? Now is the time to order a custom made stencil. These stencils are made from a high quality flexible plastic that is ideal for taping to your item for either stencil or spray painting. The maximum size of the material is 11"x15".

Order your stencil for as low as $7US/$10CDN! Contact me for a quote or for more info.

"Turbo" PipeDream Booklet

John Klienbauer has created a wonderful design for a small CNC router called the PipeDream. I bought his plans, and built the machine. I was VERY happy with the end result. I did feel it could be made faster, and it is always easy to improve on someone elses design. I have a 22 page booklet that describes how to make a PipeDream (or other CNC machine for that matter) faster and easier to use. This booklet will allow you to make your machine run at 24 ipm (a huge performance increase from the original 6 ipm!). The booklet is only $15 US which includes shipping in the US and Canada.

Please note, that this does not include the plans to the PipeDream. You should already have one of John's plans or similar. This booklet describes (with lots of photo's) how to speed up your CNC machine and how to make it easier to use.

This booklet is $15 which includes shipping to US/Canada and a bonus CD of things I have picked up along the way. People outside of North America will have to pay the shipping costs in addition to the $15.

I accept PayPal, Cheque or Money Order.

Email: click here to send Steve a message.

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