CNC Wish List

After only a couple of months of manufacturing my CNC Router I have already come up with some design improvements. I am sure that this list will steadily increase as time goes on. This is actually one reason that I started to build my own machine. To find out the features I wanted, needed and thought I wanted.

My next machine will be considerably larger. Hopefully either 4'x4' or even 4'x8'. This machine will have full size router capability and possibly a plasma cutter attachment.

Items to consider for this larger design include:

  • Faster feed rate (more aggressive lead screw (5TPI), servo's, higher voltage (75V) power supply)
  • Larger table for bigger projects! 4x4 or 4x8...
  • Bigger cutter (router) for faster cuts
  • Built in vacuum attachment for dust control
  • Dust/sound enclosure for noise/dust control (see Stayner C.I.'s Router Cabinet for some info)

    I have started work on the all of the above. I expect this project to take about a year since I can not put very much time into it for the next few months.

    The steps and status are:

  • Design/build 75V/5V power supply. Some electronic parts are ordered (June 12, 2002).
  • Obtain a suitable case for power supply and servo controls (case ordered from camtronics June 2002).
  • Decide on servo controller (likely gecko's).
  • Discover as much as possible on servo's
  • Obtain hardware to connect servos to leadscrews, bearings etc.
  • Obtain hardware for linear rails.
  • Design a cable harness assembly using some type of plastic chain housing.

    That is about all for the "wish list".