[01] Today’s Date? I'm not sure, it's the Wednesday after Easter...the 3rd April??

[02] Full name? Rachel Kidd

[03] Birthday? 28th June 1985

[04] Age? 16 - baby!

[05] Sex? uhh, female!

[06] Your sign? Cancer

[07] Where do you live? Qatar / England

[08] Do you have a boy/girlfriend? Yes

[09] If so what's her/his name? Alishan

[10] Have you ever been in love? I don't know what love is.

[11] Who are/were your crushes? What? Through my whole life? God, too many! Right now, Alishan I guess...he would love for me to call him my "crush". haha

[14] Do you have any piercings? Ears only

[15] Do you have a tattoo or want one? Not really, I like the ones you get in Thailand but I wouldn't want a permanent one.

[16] If so what kind and where? I got a kind of Celtic sun on my lower back once and it looked good until it rubbed off! If I had to get one I would want that again.

[17] Where do you shop at the most? No idea.

[18] What colour is your hair? brown

[19] What colour are your eyes? Green (but according to Alish they're black, white, yellow, green, blue, brown so..?)

[20] How tall are you? 5 foot 7ish I think
[21] Do you smoke?
Only sheesha
[22] Do your friends smoke?
In England, not many of them. In Qatar, only a few smoke cigarettes.

[23] Do you like to shop? Yes, sometimes but it depends who with.

[24] What sports do you play? Me? Sports?! I swim quite a lot in Qatar, in England I just do games once a week!

[25] What turns you on? How rude! I can't tell you that!

[26] What turns you off? All the traditional things...warts, STD's, obesity, anorexia, poor hygiene etc etc!

[27] What place do you go for fun? Alishan's house... no I'm only joking! Anywhere with friends (except maybe school!)

[28] What do you do for fun? Go to Alishan's house! Ring people, meet people, the usual...

[29] How many phones do you have in your house? uhh... 3 landlines… and the intercom... and 4 mobiles

[30] How many TV's do you have in your house? 3 that work I think, I don't have one :(

[31] What's your favourite foods? Don't know really. Chocolate, marshmallows etc etc.

[32] Do you look like anyone famous? I wish!

[33] Who are the most attractive people you know? I only know ugly people! JOKE! Everyone is attractive in their own way.

[34] Are you a virgin? These are getting personal.

[35] If you’re not a virgin how many people have you slept with? Wayyy too personal, I think things like this should really be kept to yourself, there's nothing to be proud about for having slept with 10 just means you're a slut, you've had a lot of serious relationships or you're insecure!

[36] Who was the last person you slept with? No comment

[37] Do you wish to be like your parents? No way

[37] What are you listening to right now? Some strange music on tv.

[38] What time is it? Quarter to 2

[39] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? Quite a few when I'm here (in Qatar) but not many when I'm in England coz I never have credit on my phone!

[40] Do you have your own phone line? No, it's blocked or something.

[41] Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Never.

[42] Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Never (honestly never this time)

[43] What are your favourite shoes? Ones that fit me.

[44] What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? Pyjamas!

[45] What's your favourite soda? Pepsi I guess.

[46] What things do you say a lot? "I don't know" - it pisses Alishan off sooo much, buut I never seem to know anything! And at the minute I say, "riiiiight," and "anywayz" a lot too.

[47] Who is the coolest person in the world? Other than me? Everyone, and Alishan!

[48] Do you think you're weird or funny? Hopefully a bit of both but I suspect people simply laugh AT me so hmm.

[49] Who was the last person you called? Alishan.

[50] Where do you wanna get married? Somewhere in Asia (Thailand, Qatar, Dubai, somewhere like that)

[51] What are your favourite girl names? Don't know.

[52] What are your favourite guy names? Don't know.

[53] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? My memory is bad so I can barely remember last year but I would say New Year was pretty bad, and leaving all my friends in Qatar to go to England and then going to school in England was horrible (Miss Batey etc). No offence to you all, you're all lovely now but for the first year I really wanted to kill myself.

[54] What's your favourite childhood memory? I'm still a child! I have no idea.

[55] What is your favourite fast food restaurant? MacDonalds I guess.

[56] What do you really hate? People who hate me! I don't mean to be a bitch.

[57] Do you have any brothers or sisters? One brother

[58] If so, names? Shaw

[59] Are you stupid? Apparently so.

[60] What are you addicted to? Life.

[61] Do you like jewellery? Yes.

[62] Who has it easier, boys or girls? Girls actually.

[63] Would you rather be short or tall? In-between.

[64] Do you like to dance? Depends where I am, who with and what to.

[65] Do you like playing pranks on people? Yes!

[66] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? Nope, my brother has a PS and it's actually fun! Occasionally!
[67] If so, what are your favourite Playstation or Nintendo 64 games?
Crash Bandicoot and some weird skateboarding game! I'm so sad!

[68] Do you sleep a lot? Nope,barely ever, about 6 or 7 hours a night. But I can't get up in the morning!

[69] What’s your favourite radio stations? Radio 1

[70] Are you a night person? YES!

[71] Are you a morning person? NO!!!!!!

[72] Do you shave? Not my face! But yes.

[73] How often do you shower? Once or twice a day.

[74] Do you get along with your parents? Vaguely!

[75] What room do you spend the most time in? My room at school but over here, there's not one room I spend most time in, I try not to stay in so I'm usually outside.

[76] How many rooms does your house have? Uhhh...Around 20.

[77] Do you curse a lot? When I'm annoyed or bored.

[78] Are you ticklish? Very. But I can switch it off if it's by people I don't want tickling me!

[79] Do you like to be tickled? Depends who by and where.

[80] Do you go to church? Not very often, and not really out of my own choice.

[81] Do you believe in God? No.

[82] Do you believe in love at first sight? No, it develops.

[83] What colour toothbrush do you use? Purple with Colgate written in gold!

[84] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Two or more.

[85] Do you have a job? Yes, cleaning toilets at school!

[86] What's your favourite candy? Cry babies! And Jolly Ranchers but I don't think you get either in England or Qatar! (You get Jolly Ranchers over here - but haven't seen them for a while - J)
[87] What was the best day of your life so far?
April 1st 2002, as far as I can remember, I guess being born must have been pretty interesting.

[88] Who is the sweetest girl? Don't know.

[89] Who is the sweetest guy? Alishan I guess, but Macie, Ghassan, Cheng and occasionally my brother.

[90] Are you wearing nail polish now? Yes.

[91] If so, what colour? Clear.

[92] How many rings or necklaces are you wearing? One ring.

[93] Do you wear a watch? Yes.

[94] Did/Do you have braces? I did, yes.

[95] Are you tired? A bit.

[96] Do you have freckles? Not really.

[97] What are you thinking right now? Why can't I get on MSN, and I need to phone Alishan (wow, I can multi-task!)

[98] Have you ever cheated on anyone?

[99] Do you believe in Santa Claus? Of course.

[100] Do you believe in ghosts? No.

[101] Rap or R&B? Both.

[102] Pop or Rock? Both.

[103] Rock or Metal? Both.

[104] Classical or Jazz? Ugh, neither.

[105] What do you think about Country? Kill me now, but I like Faith Hill. Other than that, ban it!
[106] Yes or No. Like Britney Spears? She's ok.

[107] Yes or No. Like Offspring? They're old but they were ok, yeah!

[108] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Anything but action.

[109] Cats or dogs? Both.

[110] Shine or rain? Both.

[111] Top or Bottom? Uh, both.

[112] Favourite season? I don't like spring or summer, they're so vague.

[113] Cereal or toast? Either.

[114] Night or day? Night.

[115] Call or text? Both.

[116] Chewing gum or hard candy? Both.

[117] Lights on or off? Off.

[118] What's your favourite colour? All of the ones in the rainbow and black.

[119] What's your favourite Drink? Orange juice.

[120] What's your favourite Book? Oh, there are so many, but right now, Girlfriend In A Coma by Douglas Coupland - that author is amazing, this book is so weird!

[121] What's your favourite Movie? Don't know.

[122] What's your favourite TV show? Sitcoms - no specific one.

[123] What's your favourite Place? Qatar.

[124] What’s your best memory from PHS? I don't know but our history trip in Year 11 was hilarious!
[125] How would you most like to be remembered? Happy. But I never seem to be. I'm sorry!


Rachel leaving in P6 - how sweet were we all!?!?