[01] Today’s Date? 01/04/2002

[02] Full name? Jamie Samantha Miller – don’t mock me!

[03] Birthday? 24-02-85

[04] Age? Figure it out! 18

[05] Sex? Yes please! No seriously – Female. Don’t you just love this question? And that so wouldn’t have worked if it had said gender!

[06] Your sign? Pisces – as in Pis-ces off! Only jokin, I just love that line!

[07] Where do you live? Turves… The back of beyond!

[08] Do you have a boy/girlfriend? nope - I wish!

[09] If so what's her/his name? don't have one, as I said

[10] Have you ever been in love? What is love? And what’s it got to do with anything? Ok, so yea.

[11] Who are/were your crushes? What ALL of them? You don’t have time for all that! That’s like the story of my life!

[14] Do you have any piercings?
Ears only – its too commercial now (do I even mean commercial? Ah – don’t question!)

[15] Do you have a tattoo or want one?
Want one – but don’t want the pain!

[16] If so what kind and where? Gecko on ankle – or might go for something at the bottom of my back.

[17] Where do you shop at the most? Virgin or Topshop – I can’t afford these designer shops!

[18] What colour is your hair? Right now – I have blonde highlights, but am going back to plum

[19] What colour are your eyes? Who knows? Green/Blue I think, but with odd little specs of yellow.

[20] How tall are you? 5’6½

[21] Do you smoke? Who me? Never!

[22] Do your friends smoke? Some, but most say they’re quitting.

[23] Do you like to shop? Oh yes!

[24] What sports do you play? Hockey, Footie, Rugby…

[25] What turns you on? That’d be telling! But excess caffeine always helps

[26] What turns you off? Bad hair, teeth and long fingernails!

[27] What place do you go for fun? Depends what kinda fun!

[28] What do you do for fun? Ah, that’d be telling!

[29] How many phones do you have in your house? One, unless you count mobiles

[30] How many TV's do you have in your house? 3 – we’re moving on up in the world! He he

[31] What's your favourite foods? Chinese J

[32] Do you look like anyone famous? Yes! Leo says Neve Cambell but I don’t believe that, but Thora Birch in ‘The Hole’! And I have the obsesiveness… joke!

[33] Who are the most attractive people you know? Erm, male or female? Well as far as girls go I think Leo and Cara are gorgeous and they know it, as for guys, well… you know! But as far as I am concerned you are all gorgeous! Mwah!

[34] Are you a virgin? Erm… no!

[35] If you’re not a virgin how many people have you slept with? Wouldn’t you like to know! (A bit personal isn’t it!)

[36] Who was the last person you slept with? Let me see now… joke!

[37] Do you wish to be like your parents? Oh no way!

[37] What are you listening to right now? The sound of silence… and a lone hoover somewhere over head…

[38] What time is it? 17.10 (to be precise)

[39] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? Not as many as I used to

[40] Do you have your own phone line? I wish!

[41] Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Yes…

[42] Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
uh no

[43] What are your favourite shoes? My trainers I guess, but I love all of my shoes, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them.

[44] What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? Depends on the weather (ha ha – I haven’t said that for years!)

[45] What's your favourite soda? Pepsi (caffeine – woohoo!)

[46] What things do you say a lot? ‘Like’, ‘good good’, annoying stuff like that, and ridiculously long words that make no sense in the context (just like that…)oh, and 'really?' with the most twisted look possible

[47] Who is the coolest person in the world? ME! No, erm, Hanny is kinda cool…

[48] Do you think you're weird or funny? Both, but in the nicest proportion!

[49] Who was the last person you called? I don’t call people – they call me.

[50] Where do you wanna get married? Who said I do?

[51] What are your favourite girl names? Not actually sure…

[52] What are your favourite guy names? Just watched the boat race and have picked a few good'uns from that: - James, Ben, Matt, David, and not neccesarily in that order! .

[53] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? You think I can remember – I’ve repressed it all!

[54] What's your favourite childhood memory? As I said…

[55] What is your favourite fast food restaurant? Good ol Silver River in Whittlesey – its just quick and easy (I’m sure I could have phrased that better)

[56] What do you really hate? Bottle openers – they are just not designed for easy use, especially when you’ve already had a few bottles…

[57] Do you have any brothers or sisters? No – just me J

[58] If so, names? As I said…

[59] Are you stupid? If I were would I be able to work this thing?

[60] What are you addicted to? Ha ha! Well… it’s not illegal lets put it that way

[61] Do you like jewellery? Not particularly

[62] Who has it easier, boys or girls? Guys…

[63] Would you rather be short or tall? Taller than I am, but not huge

[64] Do you like to dance? Oh yea – I live to dance

[65] Do you like playing pranks on people? Ya ha! Hehe

[66] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? Neither… I have better things to do with my time… like sleep.

[67] If so, what are your favourite Playstation or Nintendo 64 games? Dance stage! That was wicked!

[68] Do you sleep a lot? If only

[69] What’s your favourite radio stations? Vibe I guess

[70] Are you a night person? Oh yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

[71] Are you a morning person? Morning? What’s that?

[72] Do you shave? No, I’m a gorilla, haven’t you noticed! Yes of course I do, silky smooth that’s me!

[73] How often do you shower? My shower is buggered

[74] Do you get along with your parents? Sometimes… Mom is cool, Dad on the other hand… nooooo!

[75] What room do you spend the most time in? The bedroom… he he not really, this room where the tv and computer are

[76] How many rooms does your house have? Hang on… 7 I think, I dunno really

[77] Do you curse a lot? Hell yea! No not really, I’m oh so polite J

[78] Are you ticklish?
Oh yes!! He he he

[79] Do you like to be tickled? Depends who is doing the tickling, and whether I can get my own back or not.

[80] Do you go to church? Only to sing… and that’s rare

[81] Do you believe in God? I believe a lot of weird stuff…

[82] Do you believe in love at first sight? That being one of the things… although I am slightly sceptical

[83] What colour toothbrush do you use? Blue and green

[84] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Once or twice

[85] Do you have a job? Oh no!

[86] What's your favourite candy?
Refresher bars – yum!

[87] What was the best day of your life so far? Every day that I was loved…

[88] Who is the sweetest girl? Hanny, but shh, she doesn’t like people to know that she’s a sweety

[89] Who is the sweetest guy? David, bless ‘im, although all of the guys I know are sweet in their own way

[90] Are you wearing nail polish now? Nope

[91] If so, what colour? As I was saying…

[92] How many rings or necklaces are you wearing? None

[93] Do you wear a watch? No

[94] Did/Do you have braces? No

[95] Are you tired? No

[96] Do you have freckles? Yes – wo I thought all I was ever gonna say was no!

[97] What are you thinking right now? He he – uh hum – nothing much… <blushes>

[98] Have you ever cheated on anyone? Yea

[99] Do you believe in Santa Claus? No

[100] Do you believe in ghosts? Yea

[101] Rap or R&B? Rap

[102] Pop or Rock? Rock

[103] Rock or Metal? Both

[104] Classical or Jazz? Jazz

[105] What do you think about Country? Haha – it makes me laugh, but probably b’cause my Grandparents have traumatised me with it my whole childhood – I repressed those memories for a reason you know!

[106] Yes or No. Like Britany Spears? He he – saw crossroads the other day – ha ha – it was crud, but funny

[107] Yes or No. Like Offspring? Yes

[108] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Action, horror, sci fi, depends what mood I’m in

[109] Cats or dogs? Dogs

[110] Shine or rain? Depends…

[111] Top or Bottom? Top

[112] Favourite season? Summer

[113] Cereal or toast? Cereal

[114] Night or day? Night!

[115] Call or text? Text

[116] Chewing gum or hard candy? Candy! Candy!

[117] Lights on or off? Off

[118] What's your favourite colour? Black

[119] What's your favourite Drink? Pepsi, Smirnoff, Malibu, Root beer

[120] What's your favourite Book? Don’t know

[121] What's your favourite Movie? I have loads, but I watched the hole last night and that’s pretty cool (I am Thora Birch with this hair!!!)

[122] What's your favourite TV show? X files

[123] What's your favourite Place? Anywhere with my friends J mwah! I love you all!

[124] What’s your best memory from PHS? There are so many!

[125] How would you most like to be remembered? As the one who was always there for you, who listened to your problems, gave you advice and helped you in every way she could, but also as the one who was always up for a laugh and a good time, and always knows how to enjoy herself!

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