Do your Diamond shoes pinch you as well?

Why is Fiona dressed up as a nun? Why does Leonie look like Henry the Eighth? Was I ill?

I’m such a questioning person; I’ll stop now. Honest. Is that okay?

Stop it Hannah. No, actually I’m dandy. Moby has a Journal online. I bet none of you knew that, but I just had to tell you this excerpt from it:

gotta try new things, right?

like this morning. i had sliced banana in my soy yogurt.
see, i'm not afraid of change. i'm loco like that. maybe tomorrow i won't even HAVE soy yogurt. that's just how i'm livin, kid, all loco and spontaneous an shit.
and maybe tomorrow i won't even dilute my carrot-orange juice when i drink it while eating the soy yogurt with sliced banana. hard to the core, that's me. tough as nails.

See? Amusing. That and the fact that he knows EVERYTHING there is possibly to know about The Simpsons. He just spends his time quoting what Homer says. He also adores food, yet he is vegan. I know, I know, will wonders never cease?

I think I know something else that you people reading this didn’t know. Spell check doesn’t like the word yoghurt. How odd. Oh no wait, they like it with an ‘h’ in. Moby can’t spell.

It has just been the oddest day today. For example, the removal of moles on upper lip and chin. That’s not too bizarre (although it does tell you something about me that I’ll talk about in a min). The bizarre thing was my doctor had a hellish superb sense of humour, plus, his hand size has increased. Isn’t that strange? Go on, you know you want to agree. Then a horrible thing happened, due to the fact that I had stitches above my lip it was pretty damn hard to smile or laugh or talk or generally move mouth. Poses slight problem but I could get over it. Then it suddenly hit me on the head like a fish being putting out of its misery by being slapped on the street wrapped in a dry towel (ask me about that and I’ll explain), I was spending a whole day with my Dad. Mr Happy. Mr Eccentric. Mr I seem to be the only person who can make my daughter laugh non-stop without having to say much (apart from Issy and Gem). So although he may have cosseted me, he also caused me a lot of pain and worry. Goddamn funny Dad.

I still hate Hendry, give me a few years to get over this – I need the time and space.

But, just rah.

Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie.

I still have nothing interesting to say right now. Other than, read my LJ fools if you want to read more. You probably don’t. In which case, good on you. Lead a nice, normal, non-exciting life, knowing that you will never had read such… such… gre… such… errr… such… Crap in your life.