[01] Today’s Date? 1/4/02 - No seriously.

[02] Full name? Hannah Louisa Norfolk

[03] Birthday? 29th November

[04] Age? 16


[05] Sex? Female

 [06] Your sign? Sagittauriuss[pd,mkojv I don't know how to spell it.

 [07] Where do you live? Peterborough

 [08] Do you have a boy/girlfriend? Nope

 [09] If so what's her/his name? ...

 [10] Have you ever been in love? Nope

 [11] Who are/were your crushes? Fred Astaire... oh baby.

[14] Do you have any piercings? Nope.

 [15] Do you have a tattoo or want one? Nope.

 [16] If so what kind and where? ...

 [17] Where do you shop at the most? Yanks and Marks and Spencers (Its called food people).

[18] What colour is your hair? Browny blonde - what colour is YOURS???  

[19] What colour are your eyes? Green

[20] How tall are you? 5'8"

[21] Do you smoke? Yahuh.

[22] Do your friends smoke? Yes, and no.

[23] Do you like to shop? I guess.

[24] What sports do you play? Any.

[25] What turns you on? Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly... (They rock my socks)  

[26] What turns you off? This questionnaire. 

[27] What place do you go for fun? The local barbars down the street where I can see all the different hairs mingle on the floor. So purdy. 

[28] What do you do for fun? Drink tea.

[29] How many phones do you have in your house? 3? And many many phone lines.

[30] How many TV's do you have in your house? 2

[31] What's your favourite foods? Good question, not one that I can really answer without doing the food justice, you understand? Yahuh? Good.

[32] Do you look like anyone famous? Nope. Someone famous looks like ME. Actually, I'm kidding, like anyone would look like me.  

[33] Who are the most attractive people you know? The beautiful people in Australia goddamn them.

[34] Are you a virgin? Yahuh... of danger.

[35] If you’re not a virgin how many people have you slept with? How many people have YOU slept with?

[36] Who was the last person you slept with? Not you.

[37] Do you wish to be like your parents? I wish I was like my Dad.  

[37] What are you listening to right now? Gene Kelly - Singing In The Rain ~ Don't mock me because I'm cooler than you.

[38] What time is it? 6.30pm.

[39] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? None.  

[40] Do you have your own phone line? Yes.  

[41] Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Yes.

[42] Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Nope.

[43] What are your favourite shoes? My Docs and my scruffy shoes.

[44] What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? T Shirt and Pj bottoms.

[45] What's your favourite soda? Diet Dr Pepper cause the place where they sell it near work has this really yummy guy working there.  

[46] What things do you say a lot? These things happen, Mmkay, Dandy, Kickass and Sweet.

[47] Who is the coolest person in the world? The people in Antartica, or is The Artic colder?

[48] Do you think you're weird or funny? No, I'm sane.

[49] Who was the last person you called? Jamie, ages ago.

[50] Where do you wanna get married? Nowhere.

[51] What are your favourite girl names? Hannah and Marnie.

[52] What are your favourite guy names? William and Henry.

[53] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? Winter Term 2001.

[54] What's your favourite childhood memory? Sitting at a bonfire with my Grandad... but he's dead now.

[55] What is your favourite fast food restaurant? McDonalds I guess.

[56] What do you really hate? Morpheus because its being gay and it won't let me download this song all the way through, oh and caterpillars.

[57] Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes.

[58] If so, names? Katie, Sarah and Tom.

[59] Are you stupid? Yes - are you?

[60] What are you addicted to? Tea, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

[61] Do you like jewellery? Yeah.

[62] Who has it easier, boys or girls? Boys.

[63] Would you rather be short or tall? Short.

[64] Do you like to dance? Yes - Fred Astaire style.

[65] Do you like playing pranks on people? Depends how bored I am.

[66] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? Nope.

[67] If so, what are your favourite Playstation or Nintendo 64 games? Skateboard games.

[68] Do you sleep a lot? Nope.

[69] What’s your favourite radio stations? Don't generally listen to the radio.

[70] Are you a night person? Yes.

[71] Are you a morning person? Yes. 

[72] Do you shave? Not my face, but yes.  

[73] How often do you shower? Once a day, sometimes twice if I have the time.  

[74] Do you get along with your parents? Yes if I don't see them.  

[75] What room do you spend the most time in? This one, the one with the blinds.

[76] How many rooms does your house have? 10.

 [77] Do you curse a lot? No fecking way.

 [78] Are you ticklish? Yes.

[79] Do you like to be tickled? No.  

[80] Do you go to church? Yes, the church of Hannah.  

[81] Do you believe in God? To some extent.  

[82] Do you believe in love at first sight? Nope.  

[83] What colour toothbrush do you use? Violet.  

[84] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Twice.

[85] Do you have a job? Yes.  

[86] What's your favourite candy? Wham Bars.  

[87] What was the best day of your life so far? Every goddamn day of my life kicks monkey butt.

[88] Who is the sweetest girl? Diana.

[89] Who is the sweetest guy? Scog.  

[90] Are you wearing nail polish now? On my thumb I am.  

[91] If so, what colour? Blackish.  

[92] How many rings or necklaces are you wearing? 15 Bracelets, 1 necklace and 1 ring.  

[93] Do you wear a watch? Nope - no room. HA ha ha ha... sigh.

[94] Did/Do you have braces? Nope.

[95] Are you tired? Nope.

[96] Do you have freckles? Kind of.

[97] What are you thinking right now? Same thing I always think of - How to get pass Einsteins theory of relativity by using Plancks constant and Mathematics. (No seriously, I am)  

[98] Have you ever cheated on anyone? Yes.

[99] Do you believe in Santa Claus? No.  

[100] Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, because then if I actually see one then life would be like GhostBusters - i.e. hysterically funny.  

[101] Rap or R&B? Neither.

[102] Pop or Rock? Rock.

[103] Rock or Metal? Urgh, Rock.

[104] Classical or Jazz? Both.

[105] What do you think about Country? I don't.

[106] Yes or No. Like Britany Spears? Nope.

[107] Yes or No. Like Offspring? I guess.

[108] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Comedy.

[109] Cats or dogs? Dogs.

[110] Shine or rain? Rain - then I can dance like Gene Kelly (I'm singing and dancing in the rain, doopy do do).

[111] Top or Bottom? What?

[112] Favourite season? Winter.  

[113] Cereal or toast? Toast - cause its crunchy.  

[114] Night or day? Night.

[115] Call or text? Neither.

[116] Chewing gum or hard candy? Neither.

[117] Lights on or off? Off.

[118] What's your favourite colour? Blacks and blues. (Cause there can so be more than one shade of black? Shut up Hannah).

[119] What's your favourite Drink? Tea, Blavod and Dr Pepper, Triple Vodka and Mars Milkshake. 

[120] What's your favourite Book? Last orders to Poach and the book I got my Dad on Round The Horne. Did you know the bloke who wrote that died this weekend? Barry Tooke his name was, died of cancer. Wasn't just the Queen Mum who died people, the little people died as well. RIP Dudley Moore as well. =D

[121] What's your favourite Movie? Trainspotting, and to be honest I like Moulin Rouge.

[122] What's your favourite TV show? Black Books and X Files.

[123] What's your favourite Place? My bed and Broomhill (*sniff sniff* Its been sold)

[124] What’s your best memory from PHS? When Leonie and I drank about 12 cups of coffee one lunch time and I went to Physics completely weirdo like. It was hilarious - for me, and the four who were in Physics with me.

[125] How would you most like to be remembered? I wouldn't, in fact. Forget I ever existed. NOW. Go to sleep... NOW. Doo doo... NOW. Annnnnyhoo. Ya like I said, not at all... Weirdos.

PS - Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly are still kicking monkey butt.


Just because they're gorgeous.




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