Gemma Pearson

What Gemma says about Gemma...

1. What is your full name?

Gemma Louise Pearson

2. What colour are your bed sheets?

Hmm I feel quite stupid cos they’re flowery yellow and green.

3. Who is/are your best friend/s?

Hannah Norfolk

4. What is your hair colour right now?

Dark Brown

5. What song are u listening to right now?

I’m not but im thinking about that Beauty and the beast song………

6. What is your favourite cheese?

mmmmm pizza topping mmmmmmm

7. What is right next to you?

a computer (surprisingly)

8. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?


9. With whom do you wanna spend your life with?

Well I suppose that would be myself

10. What did you do last night?

Watched TV, read and went to bed

11. Last person that you talked to on the phone?


12. What's the one thing that you find attractive about the opposite sex?

sense of humour and NICE HANDS

13. Do you like the person that sent this to you?

hmmmm I suppose hans ok

14. How are you today?

fine as per usual

15. How do you eat an Oreo?

I don’t

16. Who makes you happy?

Everyone who IS happy

17. Dream Date?

...? That would have to be you HAN (joke!!)

18. Favourite place?

anywhere but school

19. Height of House?

2 floors

20. Who is the funniest person that you know?

Hannah, Isobel

21. Fave movie?

Dirty Dancing

22. Fav day of year?

31st March (ha ha)

23. Do you like to dance?


24. Fast or slow?


25. Are you too shy to ask someone out?


26. What do u do in your spare time?

go on comp and sleep and read.

27. Been in love?


28. Most Embarrassing thing you've done?

hmmm too many to recall just one.

29. What will your first son's name be?


30. Favourite drink?

apple juice

31. Do you like scary or happy movies better?


32. On the phone or in person?

well, im not sure what you’re incinuating here but I suppose in person

33. Summer or winter?


34. Lust or Love?

bit of both

35. Kisses or hugs?


36. Who do you like right now?


37. What song describes you most?

Sum 41 – Fat lip

38. Do you want your friends to write you back?

yeah please

39. Which one of your friends do you think will?

ummm probably none

40. Favourite colour?

red and green (only nice shades though)

41. Your fantasy?

i am fantasy less.