mc2 (J 2)Ī√42 = DIANA

[01] Today's Date? umÖ 8th April?

[02] Full name? Diana Grace Kirby

[03] Birthday? 7th November

[04] Age? 17

[05] Sex? erÖ female unless Iím missing something

[06] Your sign? Scorpio (star signs ARE a load of rubbish and you know it!)

[07] Where do you live? Peterborough

[08] Do you have a boy/girlfriend? Yes!

[09] If so what's her/his name? Ollie :) hehe

[10] Have you ever been in love? Yes, I so loved the school hamster, it was gorgeous (until it ate through the telephone wire)

[11] Who are/were your crushes? Is this going to start getting personal?

[14] Do you have any piercings? Yes, but only ears

[15] Do you have a tattoo or want one? urgh no - needles!! Painful! (Yes Iím a wimp)

[16] If so what kind and where? Again doesn't really have an answer now does it

[17] Where do you shop at the most? urm, dunno

[18] What colour is your hair? Brown, boring (only mine, Iím not offending everyone with brown hair!)

[19] What colour are your eyes? Blue

[20] How tall are you? Not tall enough!

[21] Do you smoke? No, hate the smell

[22] Do your friends smoke? Some (but they should quit and they know it)

[23] Do you like to shop? When I have money, yes

[24] What sports do you play? Oh, footie, badminton, etc. Oh and running - Sammy I hope you've been keeping it up!

[25] What turns you on? Oh I see, all those nice questions were just to lull me into a false sense of security before you start springing personal ones again!

[26] What turns you off? Greasy hair, big-headed people

[27] What place do you go for fun? To meet my friends

[28] What do you do for fun? my friends. Donít these questions kind of overlap?!

[29] How many phones do you have in your house? Landlines? 3

[30] How many TV's do you have in your house? 2, but not sky or anything 

[31] What's your favourite foods? Brussel sprouts and soggy cabbage

[32] Do you look like anyone famous? No of course not, Iím the only one of me

[33] Who are the most attractive people you know? Well you know, everyone thinks attractive means different things, so everyone's beautiful to somebody

[34] Are you a virgin? Nosy!

[35] If you're not a virgin how many people have you slept with? Again, take your big nose somewhere else!

[36] Who was the last person you slept with? Um, is that person in the strictly human sense? (does my teddybear count?)

[37] Do you wish to be like your parents? Not much

[37] What are you listening to right now? Beautiful, soothing, restful silence

[38] What time is it? 10.18pm

[39] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? um, recently (holidays) about 2 1/2, normally much less

[40] Do you have your own phone line? If only

[41] Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Of course not

[42] Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Yes, my mummy! And my sister, and my aunty, and my...oh you didn't mean like that

[43] What are your favourite shoes? My trainers I guess

[44] What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? Pyjamas, why?!

[45] What's your favourite soda? um-m-m (sorry just trying out a new umm there), probably sprite

[46] What things do you say a lot? ummm or um-m-m or umumumum or...okay inspiration failing here

[47] Who is the coolest person in the world? ME! (You know I won that argument Tuse)

[48] Do you think you're weird or funny? Weird I guess. Sad.

[49] Who was the last person you called? Ollie

[50] Where do you wanna get married? ooo, in a big white dress

[51] What are your favourite girl names? Olivia and Linden

[52] What are your favourite guy names? David (I got forced in these last 2 questions - Jamie and Ollie!)

[53] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? um-m-m (I like that, don't you?) starting at p'boro high? first meeting all you mad people? I can't decide, there's so many to choose from (joking!)

[54] What's your favourite childhood memory? Again, too many (okay, I know that doesn't make sense - you see I have lived a strange life made up of massive highs and lows)

[55] What is your favourite fast food restaurant? I suppose... McDonald's

[56] What do you really hate? Arrogant people

[57] Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yep, 1 baby sister (not really so baby actually I have to admit)

[58] If so, names? Bethany

[59] Are you stupid? Yes. Though if I were, would I know it? So I guess that means no.

[60] What are you addicted to? Brussel sprouts

[61] Do you like jewellery? A bit

[62] Who has it easier, boys or girls? Definitely boys!

[63] Would you rather be short or tall? Tall! - Oh please god (though Iím not sure you exist) make me tall, please please please! Course, it's not like having a massively-tall-and-mean sister has given me a complex about this or anything.

[64] Do you like to dance? Depends on my mood

[65] Do you like playing pranks on people? ummm, no it's mean. Oh okay then, yes!

[66] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? Nope

[67] If so, what are your favourite Playstation or Nintendo 64 games? can't you put these double questions together or something?

[68] Do you sleep a lot? When I can

[69] What's your favourite radio stations? umm, radio 1?

[70] Are you a night person? Mostly

[71] Are you a morning person? DEFINITELY!! Up at 6.30 every day, that's me!

[72] Do you shave? urgh no

[73] How often do you shower? Once a year, whether I need it or not

[74] Do you get along with your parents? Generally - my dad's a sweetie but my mum's a little less easy

[75] What room do you spend the most time in? My room, seeing as I sleep there (anyone who put anything else here is blatantly lying.)

[76] How many rooms does your house have? umm...hang on...11?

[77] Do you curse a lot? No way, that is rude and uncouth

[78] Are you ticklish? Yes

[79] Do you like to be tickled? No! Laughing can hurt

[80] Do you go to church? All the time, especially chapel at school - Iím the first in the door every week

[81] Do you believe in God? Well...reading above Iíd have to say yes (odd contradictory answer considering what I said earlier)

[82] Do you believe in love at first sight? I want to

[83] What colour toothbrush do you use? ??? does everyone else know this? Am I amazingly unobservant or something? urrrrrrrrrrrr, I think, uuuugggggg, white with purple bits?

[84] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Never, I only have my toothbrush so I can fail to notice what colour it is

[85] Do you have a job? No Iím lazy (and blind-making didn't hit me as a particularly fun thing to do. some people are just odd)

[86] What's your favourite candy? um-um-um, have to be chocolate since i don't think brussels sprouts count as sweets unfortunately

[87] What was the best day of your life so far? 7th November 1984. I really think it is a great achievement to come into existence. There - everyone is an achiever!

[88] Who is the sweetest girl? Han, Sammy, Fatima, Sally, Boofie.... too many of you are sweet (yes that did say you Han - you are not as unsweet as you try to be)

[89] Who is the sweetest guy? I guess reluctantly I have to say Ollie

[90] Are you wearing nail polish now? Nope

[91] If so, what colour? la di da di da

[92] How many rings or necklaces are you wearing? 1 necklace

[93] Do you wear a watch? No, unless it's someone else's. Time is such an annoying thing; it never does what you want it to.

[94] Did/Do you have braces? No, I was lucky

[95] Are you tired? Sort of (that is your fault Jamie, you talk too much)

[96] Do you have freckles? Only a few in the sun

[97] What are you thinking right now? When the hell is this interrogation going to end?

[98] Have you ever cheated on anyone? No. Look at that, isn't that such a cute little word?

[99] Do you believe in Santa Claus? Of course. Did you know in Japanese the word for Santa also means 'father'? Isnít that odd?

[100] Do you believe in ghosts? No. Oh my god, something just went 'woooooo' behind me.

[101] Rap or R&B? ullyullyully, R&B I guess

[102] Pop or Rock? Either

[103] Rock or Metal? Rock

[104] Classical or Jazz? Jazz

[105] What do you think about Country? Not much really, how bout you?

[106] Yes or No. Like Britany Spears? How many 17-year-old girls do you know who do?

[107] Yes or No. Like Offspring? uggyuggyuggy, they're OK.

[108] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Comedy, laughing is great, the world needs to do it more

[109] Cats or dogs? Doggies!

[110] Shine or rain? Shine!

[111] Top or Bottom? Erg, what!?

[112] Favourite season? Summer!! Birds, sun, sea, T-shirts, friends - great!

[113] Cereal or toast? Am I allowed both or is that just greedy?

[114] Night or day? Well it wouldn't work too well if we got rid of one of them...

[115] Call or text? Call

[116] Chewing gum or hard candy? Neither really

[117] Lights on or off? Depends who you're with and where you are

[118] What's your favourite colour? Yellow! Or red! Or bright blue! Oh, let's push the boat out and have them all

[119] What's your favourite Drink? Apple juice, seriously, I could drink it all day. I think I am getting cravings almost like Iím pregnant. Worrying. Do you think I could be pregnant and just not noticing it? Oh lord god.

[120] What's your favourite Book? Oh, loads, at the moment Iím reading 'How to be Good' by Nick Hornby and it's cool. Fever Pitch and About a Boy are also good - I guess he's just a good writer

[121] What's your favourite Movie? ullyullyullyugguggugg, okay, I don't know

[122] What's your favourite TV show? Again, Iíd have to say my mind's a blank

[123] What's your favourite Place? By the river near my cousin's in the sun

[124] What's your best memory from PHS? Being there (oh and Sammy's history class was fun too, I think you should take more lessons Sam. what was really inspiring was how you really showed your enthusiasm for the subject)

[125] How would you most like to be remembered? ohohoh. Tough question. As me. Thatís all I can say.