[01] Today's Date? April 1st (pinch punch first day of the month..NO returns!!!! and of course 2002!

[02] Full name? CARA LUCY MITCHELL

[03] Birthday? 30th of August

[04] Age? 16 years 6 months and no idea how many days seconds… minutes

[05] Sex? Female

[06] Your sign? Virgo

[07] Where do you live? 148 Thorpe Road Peterborough

[08] Do you have a boy/girlfriend? noo darling I’m free and single ready to mingle!!! (not any more eh Cara... you certailt mingled!)

[09] If so what's her/his name? RANDOMER - As of this weekend... Charlie!

[10] Have you ever been in love? CLOSE!… well emotionally involved shall I say!

[11] Who are/were your crushes? hhmm no one specific... PRINCE WILLIAM! He’s mine darlings!

[14] Do you have any piercings? hhm my "naval!" two in each ear!

[15] Do you have a tattoo or want one? If I would get one in which I doubt… Would have to be in concealed area i.e. ARSE!

[16] If so what kind and where? Something that I love hhmm like food! Not that I want a Mc Donald’s ‘M’ or anything or… shut up Cara!

[17] Where do you shop at the most? HHMM in Peterborough id say missi my shop! And lush!

[18] What colour is your hair? um not the dreaded question I’m a true blonde! I mean look at my IQ it says it all… um doesn’t it!

[19] What colour are your eyes? Green and yellow… how odd!

[20] How tall are you? 5 something

[21] Do you smoke? nooo ew ew ew, well I mean I don’t mind others perusing the habit!

[22] Do your friends smoke? Some!

[23] Do you like to shop? Oh boy do I love to shop! I’ll shop all day and night! You just gotta pay me!

[24] What sports do you play? Hockey, netball, rounders, badminton in school and in my extra curricular I like to play stuff like basket ball and I scuba dive I love extreme sports but I need some balls in order to do anything extreme!

[25] What turns you on? hhm that’s a toughy! Charming guys that are uncheesy and amazing kissers! and I’m inexperienced ..So hmmm ill get back to you!

[26] What turns you off? Bad smells, unkempt beards, bad habits, dirty finger nails, guys who just want to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing lol! I mean its natural but hhm act like you don’t! lol

[27] What place do you go for fun? Quayholes!!!! And Willburrys

[28] What do you do for fun? Socialise! And get totally wasted with out vomiting! shopping, getting fit… when I can be bothered umm scuba diving, I like lotsa stuff, TV, I love tv! And eating!

[29] How many phones do you have in your house? I have two! 1 up stairs one down stairs… land lines right

[30] How many TV's do you have in your house? 3 one in the gym 1 in the living room and one for the playstation!

[31] What's your favourite foods? Chinese! al a carte lobster thermador… smoked salmon!

[32] Do you look like anyone famous? hhmm I don’t think so I wish I looked like someone fit like Britney or Angelina Jolie not fake and kinda natural

[33] Who are the most attractive people you know? My friends are all beautiful in their own way! All gorgeous! and males hhmm lets see William if I knew him! Gosh! I CANT THINK! Fit blokes, fit blokes, hmm ill get back to you

[34] Are you a virgin? yes K ssshhhhhhhh!

[35] If you're not a virgin how many people have you slept with? 1000000000000000!

[36] Who was the last person you slept with? You mean what was the last thing??! lol

[37] Do you wish to be like your parents? Well with all do respect mom and pops you guys are pretty cool no buts… HOWEVER I’m totally cool and they may have influenced that coolness but come on were generations apart and I mean it’s the turn of the century

[37] What are you listening to right now? Span’s CD that she left round, currently pdiddy and notorious big

[38] What time is it? Like midnight!

[39] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? Average, now I’m SINGLE may I add, lol hhmm slim to none 30 min-hour I guess unless its savarje who does tend to ramble joooke darling

[40] Do you have your own phone line? I have a line for the net

[41] Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex!? Yes a selected few

[42] Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? No... I’m not against the idea but I’m 100% comfortable with my sexuality, straight as they come, so if any of you lesbians haven’t come out the closet there ya go! I only know one lesbian and she’s not single! hhmm it would be odd but I’m down with experiences!

[43] What are your favourite shoes? Tough call! Flip-flops in the summer! And ooh ooh my loriblu shoes from Dubai delicious!

[44] What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? Pjs, nightie, T-shirt, any! If hot like summer my underwear!

[45] What's your favourite soap? Eastenders and sitcoms. Well I’ll tell ya any way Friends! Sex and the City, Ally Mcsqueel, occasionally Dawsons and Saved by the Bell rocks the party that rocks the party!!

[46] What things do you say a lot? er hello! Phrases from funny movies like dumb and dumer etc and "cool" "amazing" (and ‘the worst!’ – lmao @ ya Cara – J x)

[47] Who is the coolest person in the world? In my eyes its gotta be ... OK another toughy! my family, my dog is soooo cool! umm and all my gal pals I think hip hop artists are cool I mean look at some of there moves!

[48] Do you think you're weird or funny? Both!!!

[49] Who was the last person you called? I didn’t use the phone today that’s a first! oh oh yer I did.. Briefly... it was my mum to tell her to move her butt and pick me up from Leonies!

[50] Where do you wanna get married? Huge wedding in St. Pauls in London really traditional! The works!

[51] What are your favourite girl names? Lucy, Milly, a few unusual yet not too exotic!

[52] What are your favourite guy names? Johnny, Charlie, James, WILLIAM, Joey ...

[53] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? Nothing totally sticks out… Falling off a cliff was painful lol

[54] What's your favourite childhood memory?! Coming to Peterborough high! Dressing up my cat and having the best fun, ooh I want to be 8!

[55] What is your favourite fast food restaurant? Wimpy!

[56] What do you really hate? Spiders with eight legs suck ass

[57] Do you have any brothers or sisters? One bro. who half sucks and is half cool

[58] If so, names? Benjamin!

[59] Are you stupid? To an extent, I mean I’m blonde!

[60] What are you addicted to? …Bass!!!... Music! i couldn’t live a day without it!

[61] Do you like jewellery? Silver classy looking! Not a fan of big earrings or sovereign rings!

[62] Who has it easier, boys or girls? Girls! OK we have periods(which totally suck)ill add but think of all the other cool stuff we get to do… I mean I must paint my nails!

[63] Would you rather be short or tall? Tall

[64] Do you like to dance? I love to dance! Not well but I sure as hell like too!

[65] Do you like playing pranks on people? Yes! I love too it soo fun… not as much as fatima! hehe though I do draw the line somewhere! I think… yes yes I do.

[66] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? Had a 64 now onto ps2! gran turrismo 3 baby!

[67] If so, what are your favourite Playstation or Nintendo 64 games? Oh yes didn’t see ya there… gran turrismo 3 baby! And gran theft auto… You can steal cars, beat people up and I mean every kind of person lol change radio station and pick up prossies! It kicks severe ass!

[68] Do you sleep a lot? Oh yes! I do like the odd wink!

[69] What's your favourite radio stations? Classic fm… jjjooke suckers! Radio 1! vibes cool, though can’t get the frequency!

[70] Are you a night person? Well you may already know some of you that I’m not a morning person! (I’m cranky in the morning)!! I don’t like to waste the whole day though! On holiday I like to catch the sun… OK in the summer I’m a day person and in the winter I’m dracula!

[71] Are you a morning person? Hell nooooooooooooo! Early bird catches the worm... my arse! Well I don’t bloody want a worm there totally manko!

[72] Do you shave? My legs, and er yes I’m normal, under my arms! OK there I said it! What is this like question time!?

[73] How often do you shower? EVERY BLOODY DAY! sometimes twice… got to be clean and I love the old shower sensations starts ones engine at the beginning of the day… sod breakfast!

[74] Do you get along with your parents? Yes mummy and daddy are fab! Scottish but er yes they’ll do!

[75] What room do you spend the most time in? Kitchen it has a fridge! And living room it has a tv!

[76] How many rooms does your house have? 20 roughly all together

[77] Do you curse a lot? No, apart from when frequently injure my self

[78] Are you ticklish? A little, on my stomach particularly

[79] Do you like to be tickled? Gently yes! And massages hello!

[80] Do you go to church? Well apart from chapel every Thursday! I’m a member of the church but I’m hungover on Sundays!

[81] Do you believe in God? Yes I’m sure he or SHE lingers! Amen!

[82] Do you believe in love at first sight? I’ll go with yes anything’s possible whatever goes flows is what I say!

[83] What colour toothbrush do you use? PINK!

[84] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Twice! Unless I’m going out or I feel manko I'll brush them

[85] Do you have a job? Yes I do have a career!

[86] What's your favourite candy? Reeses pieces!

[87] What was the best day of your life so far!? ?

[88] Who is the sweetest girl? Ellie Dyle in the preps! Though I’m fortunate to know many people with sweet kind hearts! How cheesy! hehe

[89] Who is the sweetest guy?

[90] Are you wearing nail polish now? Yes I sure am

[91] If so, what colour? A shade of pink

[92] How many rings or necklaces are you wearing? 1 x silver ring, 1x wooden bead necklace

[93] Do you wear a watch? Yes

[94] Did/Do you have braces? No never… used to suck my thumb ought to have had them

[95] Are you tired? Totally! To the brim! I mean Gosh there are a mighty bunch of questions!

[96] Do you have freckles? Yes! And they’re hideous!

[97] What are you thinking right now? beeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! And the Easter egg in front of me… yum!

[98] Have you ever cheated on anyone? OK OK that’s it the thing I most regret I was only 13! Never again! I learnt while I was young!

[99] Do you believe in Santa Claus? Well you got to have an imagination... He doesn’t but it’d be totally awesome if he did! I still put out the brandy and carrots… don’t we all?

[100] Do you believe in ghosts? No... Well spirits more

[101] Rap or R&B? You had to do it! I love both! Rap… more to it, like freestyling

[102] Pop or Rock? Pop cheeeeeese!

[103] Rock or Metal? ROCK!

[104] Classical or Jazz? jazz it’s smooth!

[105] What do you think about Country? Requires sunshine

[106] Yes or No. Like Britany Spears? BIG YES YES! She’s sooo cool!

[107] Yes or No. Like Offspring? they’re cool umm never bought a record ill give them 5/10

[108] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? Comedy! Can’t beat laughing!

[109] Cats or dogs? Dogs!

[110] Shine or rain? Shine hello!

[111] Top or Bottom? Top!!!!

[112] Favourite season? Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooo normal!

[113] Cereal or toast? Tough call chocolate cereals although chocolate spread is… cereal!

[114] Night or day? dejavous! During term time… night… holidays BOTH!

[115] Call or text? Bloody hell, um call! Though its exciting when you get a text…OK text. It’s good to talk... OK bloody neither!… Oh and I said I didn’t curse

[116] Chewing gum or hard candy? Candy longer lasting flavour oh and don’t get me started on the texture of chud that’s been in your mouth for ages! Disgusting!!

[117] Lights on or off? On when it dark, though off to go to sleep

[118] What's your favourite colour? Yellow! It’s bright and happy… you thought I was going to say pink!!

[119] What's your favourite Drink? Champagne! I like a bottle of old kegs! and you cant beat a good cocktail!

[120] What's your favourite Book? Joke books!

[121] What's your favourite Movie? There’s so many ill leave it as popular comedies

[122] What's your favourite TV show? Friends, Eastenders, Sex and the City, Saved by the Bell

[123] What's your favourite Place? The Caribbean!

[124] What's your best memory from PHS? My first day!

[125] How would you most like to be remembered? "Cara Lucy Mitchell rip… she was fabulous"

oh its over!

lol finally! Night Milly love you! xxx

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