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Blood Brothers

In Liverpool in the sixties there was a great deal of poverty. Mrs Johnstone is again pregnant with her eighth child. Her husband has left her, but she is happy in her new job, cleaning the house of wealthy Mrs Lyons. When she discovers that she is having twins, she is concerned financially.

Mrs Lyons persuades Mrs Johnstone to give one of the babies to her. She exploits the mother's irrational superstitions. Deception and guilt prey on the conscience of Mrs Lyons who loses her reason.

Tragedy is inevitable!



 Narrator - Jamie Miller

 Mrs Johnstone - Alexa Sutton

 Mrs Lyons - Sarah Grant

 Policeman/child/Catalogue man - Rose Marshal

 Business woman/child/bus driver - Fatimabibi Kachra

 Sammy/Mr Lyons - Mat Strowbridge

 Mickey Johnstone - Robert Reed

 Edward Llyons - Christopher Brockelsby

 Donna-Marie/Miss Jones/Linda's friend - Cara Mitchell

 Linda - Charlotte Chinn

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