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Hey....i don't know what to say....i've recovered...i just couldn't do it body gave out....but since i do know that you have to want to get better to get better...and if ur here, u must not want to get better, so i have a responsibility to all the anas and mias to provide a place to be urselves....ok..i gotta go...bye For all of you who have found Ana, I hope this page helps. Well, if youve found my website, I beg you to tell other anas about it. With all the good pro-ana sites being shutdown, Im trying my best to provide you with as many links to the few remaining ones, and of course, I welcome any links you know of that I dont have on here. Well, right now, I dont have much of this page done, but Im working really hard on it. Im hoping that not only will this page help fellow anas, it will also help me. I welcome any ideas you have as to how to improve my site. Thanks! And here's my journal: *******************************************

First, my horrifying current stats: WEIGHT - 109 lbs

HEIGHT - 5'2"

AGE - 14


HIGHEST - no way in hell.



WAIST - 26 in.

SIZE - pants : 1 or kids M . * shirt : S or XS

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I haven't wrote on here in awhile....thanks to all of you who emailed me about my absence...I was found out....i passes out at band camp, got taken to the know the rest....i was force fed...practically...actually, i was threatened with a feeding tube...i've been eating and i'm gettin size 0s are getting tight...I have most everybody fooled into thinking that i'm over ana or whatever....i just pretend to eat, and spit it in an opaque cup or throw it up...sometimes i give it to the dogs, but only if it's not something like chocolate or something else bad for them....I've been forced to eat in front of my parents...i found out something great though

BLUEBERRY WAFFLES ONLY HAVE 100 calories per waffle!!!!!!!

to me that's great!!! i can eat in front of my parents in the morning...they figure a waffle is a good breakfast....heh heh heh....then i skip lunch...i feel really good around 3...i think about the fact that i only had 100 calories all day....and i feel proud...*smile*.....i'm getting better at controlling myself...but, i did break awful tonite...i had about 4/5 of a piece of cake...a big two layer cake, too....i'll work it off tomorrow...i have band burns over 1000 calories according to my calculations... Another good food is strawberries....they are negative calories....

I've been working my (fat) ass off, on this website....I am almost done with my Thinspiration page, I'll put it on here soon.....I recently found out ppl from my school have been visiting my site. I'm kind of split on how i feel...I am proud to be anorexic, but i'm not sure that I want everyone knowing...they'd give me such a hard time and try to "help" me. One of my friends, though i question her loyalty to Ana or if she's even really......oh, never mind. anyway, she got in trouble when her family found, counselors, pills...she has it all...i don't want to be like that. I don't want "help". My dad is threatening to take me to the doctor, he says he has an appointment for wednesday....i hope he's bluffing, to try and scare me into eating and becoming fat...We'll see.....

Anyway, i was REALLY bad this past week...i must have had close to *1000* calories...*sob*....But I plan to be good this got off to a good start....only 110 calories for breakfast and 32 oz. of water...I'll have one more meal today, i plan on eating 4 chic nuggets (not real chicken, made by morningstar) and 24 oz. af water. For snacks, I'll have a few grapes and maybe some carrots. I'll definitely drink at least 32 oz. of water between now and dinner.

I've finished my *SAFE FOODS* page, be sure to check it out!!! Also visit my Thinspiration

~~~~~~~*MY DAILY SAFE FOODS MEAL*~~~~~~~ Calories : 110 Comments : my breakfast favorite

1 slice of bread (get the kind that has no more than 70 calories per slice and cut off the crust after toasting) SOME jelly (like a teaspoon, or less....try Smucker's red rasberry) A glass of water (at least 8 oz. ) Orange juice (get the lowest calorie you can find) Just a ~few~ sips!!!

You can add a small serving of fruit, i suggest a few grapes or strawberries.