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Present Transportation

Recent ideas in technologoy have been about finding a faster and safer way to travel. This idea for passenger transportation is about convenience and speed. Speed and efficiency are the freights transportation idea. Another motivating factor is carrying more cargo for less money.

Instead of compasses, and other types of ways to find your way around ocean or desert, we have invited computerized road maps which are used with GPS or Global Positioning System. These help drivers navigate. Delivery companies can use satellite technology which moniter the location of their vehicles. This improves the efficiency of the company.

Today we still use ideas, from earlier types of transportations. We have either improved on or kept modes of transportations in the present. An example of this is the automobile. We now have SUVs, and cars for show. Instead of everyone having the same original, we customize cars with colors, decals and more accessories. Inventors produce cars that have a low fuelage so that we can use a small amount of gas, to go far. In our world today, we want faster and cheaper modes of transportation.

Petroleum is what modern transportation relys on for energy. The problem with this is that petroleum will not be here forever. This has caused research into new fuel sources. Examples of this are natural gas, ethanol, electrical storage, solar energy, and methanol. These will provide a supply a reliable source of energy for the transportation systems of the world.

Present Car
Present Car


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