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All things in Reverse........
Meeting: Starsign.
Translation: A13396 Beyond the glimmer of horizon, myths feed off curvatures in thought. Meditations insue, existing in a myriad of forms, dispersing at uncharted intervals, flourishing in a maze of nebulous abstractions. All signs point to the annointed one, the excalibrated one who roams the crystalline darkness as many. Call him Estarius, Medallion, Hellflower, Shadowlord of the empyrean Earthchoir. Shadowstar, master of illuminations.
Watch as he transmutes into Flowerform proper. Attention side and subcenter. Thinking not required.

Time is the distance between the objective and the subjective. Phenomenology.
Reality is the confluence of the predestined and the random incidental, i.e. free will
- Shadowstar, the Hallowed One -

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