Chapter Eleven -- What Did I Say, What Did You Do?

“OK, so what’s the plan?”

“Dozing off again, haven’t we?” Andy teased Nick.

“Nu-uh. I just wasn’t paying attention, that’s all.”

“But you were looking right at me the whole time I was explaining it!” Andy exclaimed.

Nick knew what he was doing when she was relaying the plans they had all made for the next three weeks. He was watching her intently, had been the whole time, but his mind was veering down a different road.

His mind was filled with the melodic tone of her voice, her warm, brown eyes, that crooked smile that always produced one of his own. The way her left eyebrow raised quizzically when she suspected he was up to one of his pranks. The way she didn’t care if her hair got in her face, the way that same hair, with all it’s glorious curls, swayed in the wind that very moment, tempting him to run his fingers through it.

“Nick?” Andy questioned, waving her hand in front of his face. “Hello? Anybody home?”

His train of thought was broken, and now he stared at his friend as if it were the first time he’d ever laid eyes on her. When had she become so beautiful? Better yet, he thought, when had HE become so attracted to her? When had the feeling of lightheadedness started? When did he start feeling he could do anything as long as she was by his side?

When did he become so willing to sacrifice their very friendship for these feelings?

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I’m out of it today.”

“You’re telling me,” she laughed. “We better get going if we wanna get there on time.”

He matched his pace to Andy’s as they left his backyard and headed toward his car. They had made plans with Tommy earlier in the week to spend the weekend together, just the three of them. Truth was, he admitted, he didn’t know where they were going, or how they were going to get there; he was too busy getting lost in Andy’s eyes...

He stopped the thought before it even took shape. No, he couldn’t do this. He wouldn’t allow it. His friendship with her was far too important to him to ruin. Especially in this way. Anything other than friendship wouldn’t work between them, he decided. It’d be too weird. And besides, Tommy was another one to think of, too. Where would he stand in all this?

‘Nah,’ Nick concluded. ‘It’s better off this way. I’ll make it better off this way. What we have now is far too perfect for me to give in to something that wasn’t planned, and therefore won’t work.’

And yet, he couldn’t help but think of what had happened between them to come to this point. What had they talked about, what had they done, what had they said to each other that made him fall head over heels for her?

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