“Come on..” the deep, encouraging voice.

“No.. I don’t think we should...”

“Why not? Just a little..” the Southern drawl that one appealed to her so was now making her sick to her stomach.

Even in the darkness, she could make out his features. The blond hair, glistening in the moonlight. The icy blue eyes roaming all over her, as were his large, clammy hands. The self-centered smirk, growing with satisfaction as he sought out - and recieved - the feel of her skin under his touch. The cocky laugh that told her any and all resistance was simply a waste of her strength...

“Let me.. GO..” she struggled, writhing and contorting her body in every way she could in lame attempts to escape him. Confined in the old pickup, however, that proved to be quite the difficult task.

“Not so fast, darlin’,” he said gruffly, amused by her attempts to get away. Her grabbed a firm hold of her waist and pulled her body toward his, enclosing her even more. “Don’t fight it, baby,” he spoke as she struggled against him. “You’ll only wear yourself out.”

Fighting it was all she did, though. She fought long and hard; a battle both physically and emotionally exhaustive. Though she used all the strength she could muster, however, he still won. Still took what he wanted. Still got the best of her.

Not a word was spoken hours later, as the old pickup drove slowly toward the house that watched her grow up. She stared out the passenger side window, her hands clutching her coat together tightly across her chest, her body shaking furiously, protesting against the cold, the exhaustion, the pain.

It was only then, when the pickup had come to a complete stop and she was no more than two feet away from it, heading toward her front door, that he spoke the words that told her this hellish nightmare had only just begun.

“Wait’ll the guys hear about this one...”

He’d made it loud and clear, even though he didn’t speak directly to her. She turned to look back at the vehicle as it pulled away, her eyes filling with tears. She’d never felt so incredibly worthless in her entire existence.

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