“Hey Alex, isn’t that the blob that stares at you at recess?” Tony asked his friend, pointing at the little girl in front of them.

“Yeah, thats the one, gross huh?”

As the two 9 year olds continued their conversation they picked up their pace, getting closer to Cassie with each step. The 8 year old braced herself, knowing that their daily routine was about to begin.

“Well, if it isn’t the chunky monkey!” Tony said, “playfully” shoving Cassie. The little girl flinched as she tumbled towards Alex.

“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to beep or something when you back up?” he yelled in the little girl’s face, shoving her away.

Tears stung Cassies’ eyes, but she wouldn’t give in, she didn’t want them to see her cry.

“Hey Fatty, you hungry?” Alex continued, waving a half eaten candy bar in her face. “Come on, its not like you can get any fatter, right? You’re already the biggest blimp I ever saw!”

The boys burst into laughter. They began poking Cassie in her sides and yelling more obscenities at her. Alex was always the worst. Just when Tony gave up, Alex would find another way to torture Cassie, and he’d return.

Alex started shoving her around again, this time pushing the little girl into the street. Once they rounded the corner, Cassie spotted her house and broke into a run. She didn’t stop until she reached her front door. Once inside, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Cassie? Is that you sweetie?” her mom called from the kitchen.

“Yes mommy, I’m home now. I hafta do homework tonight.” she responded, racing up the stairs to her room. She flopped her 8 year old body on her bed and let the hot tears stream down her face. She should be used to this by now, she concluded. Alex has been teasing her for two years already, and Tony picked up last month when he moved in next door to Alex, so why did she still cry every day?

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