chapter six

“Hey mind sharing AJ with the rest of us? I wanna get a dance or two in with him!” Laurel whined. I grinned at her and said no. We had pushed several tables together towards the back of the club and formed one huge one where we all sat comfortably. AJ and Howie had gotten up to get everyone some drinks, so Laurel took the opportunity to complain to me.

I was having the time of my life. I had never danced like that before, it was as if AJ and I were made to dance with eachother, the rush was incredible. A complete stranger came up to us on the dancefloor just to compliment our dancing. He told us that our bodies fit together perfectly, and that it was special.

“Come on Cass, lets go help the guys with the drinks.” Keri told me. After giving Laurel my firm and final 'No,' I got up and headed over to where Keri was with Kevin, Howie and AJ, waiting on our drinks. As I approached the group, I caught some of their conversation.

“Keri, I know I’ve seen your sister before, I just don’t know where. I’ve been thinking about it all day!” AJ was telling my sister.

“Don’t think,” I told him, coming up from behind and slipping my arm around his waist. “It makes your head hurt.”

“Cassandra Justine Alvarez! Stop discouraging inquiring minds!” Keri said, laughing. I was about to say something to her when I felt AJ stiffen.

“Whats wrong AJ?” I asked him. He opened his mouth to say something, but shut it again. He had a surprised look on his face, shock written clearly across his face, and he couldn’t bring himself to speak.

“Alexander James McLean, will you cut the drama and talk already?” Howie said, mocking my sister’s tone.

Hearing that name made me go into shock. A wave of horror washed over me as the realization of it all hit me like a two ton anchor.

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