chapter four

“Good afternoon everyone! This is Cass speaking. Yes, “The People’s Intern” has entered the building, and boy do I have a surprise for you this afternoon!” I glanced at the guys and smiled briefly before continuing.

“Today, our wonderful set director, Keri, has scheduled a surprise interview, and guess who gets the honor of conducting it?”

“Aw, gee Cass...who?” Jay said sarcastically into his mic.

“Ha ha Jay, very funny. I will do the honors today. Its seems Jay lost some popularity points here with last week’s fiasco. I don't think poor Mr. McGrath will ever psychologically recover from Jay’s harm!”

I saw Nick stifle a laugh out of the corner of my eye. I smiled. “Anyway, onto the big news of the day. Ladies, I believe you will get the surprise of your life with this one, so please, find a seat....preferably on the floor, so you won’t fall far. And if you’re driving, please pull over...we wouldn’t enjoy having any of our thirteen listeners getting hurt!”

“Hey about we tease the listeners for a bit? Kinda cut to commercials and keep them in suspense.” Jay chimed in. I smiled widely at him. Our chemistry seemed to be at an all time high as of late, and we were both enjoying it immensely.

“Great idea Jay...The Master of Disaster has yet again stormed up another brilliant idea! We’ll be right back after this quick break!”

“....and we’re clear!” Jeff remarked, pushing buttons and flipping switches I had yet to learn of. My only focus for now, according to my sister, was to do the talking and keep our listeners entertained. The technical stuff would come later.

I turned to the guys, who were sitting around the round table set up in the middle of the room with Jay and I. I had Kevin on my right and Nick on my left, followed by Brian, Jay, AJ and Howie next to Kevin. The tension had broken down, and we were all in a comfortable mood.

“This seems like its going to be fun.” Nick chimed in.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I told him. “This isn’t your classic interview session. Hence my comment about Mark McGrath from last week.”

“You had to bring that up, didn’t you Cass?” Jay said, a smile playing on his gorgeous features. I simply grinned childishly at him.

“OK guys...we’re back on the air in 3...2...” Jeff warned.

I got my cue. “And we’re back guys and gals. Lets see...what can we do now to build the suspense, Jay?”

“I dunno’s traffic?”

“I’m sure its dandy...I hope. Oh, enough of that, its interview time!” I looked around at the table, and saw the guys were all ready to go.

“OK, here’s the jist of it all,” Jay began. “We’re gonna take a few callers right now, and they get to ask one question each, and try to figure out who is here in the building with us this afternoon. The winner will get a pleasant surprise, courtesy of your truly, and The New Mix 93.3!! So how about it guys? Get calling!”

“OK, caller one,” I said in to the mic. “You’re on the air with the People’s Intern, whats your question?”

“ it a group?”

“Why, yes it is darling.” Jay said. “Thats it for questions, now take a guess.”

“Is it Aerosmith?”

“Only if Cass has died and gone to heaven sweetheart. Sorry!” Jay said, laughing as I shot him a nasty look.

Caller two came on and asked if they were guys. She got her guess wrong did callers three and four.

“This is harder than I thought Jay,” I remarked. “OK, one more caller guys, and I just can’t believe you haven’t gotten this! Now, our clues are as follows: A group, all guys, all over 18, and Florida natives. Come on dudes! We gotta get this show on the road! Caller five, will you grant us the miracle?”

“I sure will,” the girl said cheerfully. “And I don’t even need to ask another question!”

Jay gasped. “Oh, the confidence! Well, hon, whenever you’re ready!”

There was a slight pause on the line before the girl finally responded. “Is it the Backstreet Boys?”

“I think we have a winner Jay! Congratulations darling, whats your name?”

“My name is Cassie.”

“Oh my goodness gracious! I think I like you more and more each second!” I replied. “Jay, how about you fill this wonderful listener in on what she’s won.”

As Jay told her that she had won passes to the guys’ end of tour show in their hometown, I silently asked the guys if they were ready to go. All of them nodded, and Jay gave the signal.

“Alrighty then, since we all know who’s here, why don’t you guys introduce yourselves?” The guys all said hi and their name, and we finally got going.

“OK, well, you guys have obviously been very busy these past two months. What are you looking forward to after tonight?”

“Sleep.” Nick said immediately.

“Oh, I hear ya my good man!” I said, giving him a high five. “Great minds think alike, and this is further proof!”

“I think I may try to find the woman of my dreams.” AJ said, glancing my way. I felt my cheeks get hot.

“And what about the rest of y’all?”

“House hunting.” Kevin said. “And some R & R of course.”

“Definitely.” Brian said. “I need to spend time with my girlfriend, and my family. They missed us, and we can’t wait to see them either!”

“I’m just gonna try to live a normal life to the best of my abilities,” Howie remarked. “I love what I do, but like Kev said...we need rest and relaxation.”

The interview went along nicely. We asked our trademark steamy questions, and the guys were gracious enough to give us creative responses. AJ seemed to have enjoyed himself the most though, and I began thinking he was a very wild man in that aspect.

We took calls from listeners, and they were also having a great time, they came up with great stumpers, and the guys were obviously appreciative that no youngsters had called in. Time flew by, and I couldn’t believe it when Jeff gave me the signal to wrap it up.

“Well guys, its been real, thank you so much for stopping by. We are all looking forward to your concert tonight! I wanna give thanks to our twelve listeners for coming up with those amazing questions! I love you all with each passing day! I wanna thank Jay for behaving himself tonight also. I think set director Keri will be pleased to hear my report on his behavior!”

“Cram it Cass...I’m always the perfect gentleman, you know that!” he replied, sticking his tongue out at me. AJ laughed.

“Welp, my job is done here," Jay continued. "Stay tuned for the one, the only...Midnight Mike! The ladies’ man, the charmer, the one that gets those hormones pumping! As for us, its back to our cages with our usual meals of bread and water. Come on Cass, say goodbye! This is Jay, the Master of Disaster, signing off till manana! Peace!”

“K y’all...I’m gonna join Jay in a little free for all in the lounge. I’ll get a swift kick in the ass in for all you who want revenge for Sugar Ray’s torture last week!" I laughed as Jay glared at me and mouthed a silent death threat. "This is The People’s Intern...and this has been the best day of my life! I’ll see you kids tomorrow!”

“......aannnnd...we’re off the air. Great show guys!” Jeff said happily.

Jay walked over and picked me up out of my chair. “That is worth at least a week of harassing you,’re not gonna let me live that one down, are you?”

“Not at all Jay. You messed up in front of me, and you know I never forget. So I'm making sure that no one forgets what you did last week!” I squealed when he twirled me in his arms. I felt dizzy all of a sudden and yelled at him to stop.

“Are you OK?” He asked nervously. “You look pale.” he looked at me closer. “You haven’t eaten today, have you?”

“Guilty.” I said. “I was too nervous to eat, and Keri didn’t help much either. And Jeff...speaking of Jeff, I’m gonna go kill him now. He gave me the worst week of my life!”

“ aren’t doing nothing.” Jay said grabbing my arm. “We gotta go somewhere.”

“Where are we going?”

“You are all invited to see our show tonight,” Kevin said, his green eyes sparkling. “What do you say?”

“Thanks Kevin. I finally get to see what you’re all about! Count me in!” I chimed.

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