chapter thirty four

I've always wondered what the ultimate pain felt like, yet I was always afraid of witnessing it first hand. If I ever had to experience it, I wished it would happen seconds before I left this place; on my deathbed, if possible. It must be a terrible feeling, I used to think, it would take years to get over.

I was wrong. It wasnít something you worked hard to get over; it never went away.

Those nurses were clever, they really were. Ignoring my questions, claiming I was under heavy medication and I wouldnít understand a thing they told me. Constantly applying pain killers and sleeping aids. I had never been so annoyed with anyone in my entire life. I never did well in hospitals to begin with; this was the icing on the cake.

The doctor said I needed rest. I had to regain my strength as soon as possible. He ordered me to take sedatives during my stay with them, and to not overwork myself afterward. I would be in danger of permanent injury for a few months still, so strenuous activity was not recommended. After all, he had explained, a miscarriage isnít something to be taken lightly.

Keriís beautiful niece had been lost.

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