Oliver Postgate

The Clangers

Ivor the Engine

Pogles Wood

The Saga of
Noggin the Nog

The Clangers

The Clangers are pink creatures that live on a small, hollow planet far far away. They dress in something that looks like Roman armour and speak in whistles.

They live in burrows under the planets surface with an old metal dustbin lid as a door (to protect from meteorite impacts) .

They were designed by Peter Firmin and knitted and 'dressed' by his wife and the stories were written by Oliver Postgate and the Music by Vernon Elliot.



Other Characters

The Soup Dragon A benign creature with a penchant for Green Soup
The Iron Chicken A "bird" made of scrap metal which lives in an orbiting nest
Froglets Small orange aliens with black stalk-like legs and large eyes who travel around in a top hat
The Cloud A cloud which floats over the surface of the planet with musical rain drops

The first recorded sighting of a Clanger was in the 1967 Noggin the Nog book The Moon Mouse.

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... in the "top left-hand corner of Wales"...

the stories of Ivor were written and narrated by Oliver Postgate and animated by Peter Firmin.

Oliver Postgate, Anthony Jackson and Olwen Griffiths provided the voices and the music was composed by Vernon Elliott.

Ivor the Engine

Ivor The locomotive of the Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited.
His fondest dream was to sing with the Grumbley and District Choral Society, a dream that was realised when his whistle was replaced with three pipes from an old calliope.
He became first bass of the choir, as well as providing them with a means of getting from place to place.
He dislikes shunting and timetables.
Alice the Elephant She is normally placid, but does not like taking medicine.
When Ivor met her, she had escaped and was asleep on the track.
Since then they have become friends. She and her elephant friends were able to help Ivor when he got stuck in the snow.
Bani Moukerjee An elephant keeper from India, who works for Charlie Banger's Circus.
He is in charge of the elephants Alice, George, Margaret and Clarence, who all obey him without question.
Bluebell the Donkey A donkey who lives at Mrs Porty's house.
She and Ivor just enjoy sitting around together.
Bluebell is sometimes called upon to provide motive power and also the pulling of Mrs Porty's donkey cart.
Dai Station Station master at Llaniog.
He is a stickler for the regulations of the railway, but sometimes bends the rules to help his friends.
His life is made a little difficult by the fact that Ivor really doesn't care much for regulations at all.
Although he is often gloomy, he is a good person at heart.
Edwin Jones the Steam Edwin Jones is Ivor's driver. He is a cheerful and kind-hearted man who perhaps sympathises more than most railway staff with Ivor's idiosyncrasies.
He is "an ordinary engine driver who is there to cope with whatever needs to be coped with".
When not driving Ivor or helping the engine with his latest flight of fancy, he enjoys fishing and day-dreaming.
Evan Evans the Song The portly choirmaster of the Grumbley and District Choral Society.
Jones the Steam's brother-in-law.
Idris the Dragon A small, red heraldic dragon who also sang in the choir for a time.
He lived with his wife Olwen, and their twins Gaian and Blodwyn in the extinct volcano, Smoke Hill, and was hatched from an egg in Ivor's fire.
As well as singing, he once proved useful by cooking fish and chips for the choir using his fiery breath.
Now lives in a geothermally-heated cave under the ground.
Morgan the Roundabout Mr Morgan is the fairground owner.
He gave Ivor some pipes from the steam organ on his roundabout, so that Ivor could sing in the choir.
Mr Dinwiddy A very odd miner who lives in the hills and digs for gold but as soon as he digs it up, he puts it back again.
He is something of an amateur scientist.
He describes himself as "educated" and knows "something about rock".
Mrs Porty A rich eccentric who enjoys the occasional glass of port and has new hats sent from London every week.
She is also technically the owner of the railway, having bought it when the line was threatened with nationalisation.
She does not bother much with the day-to-day running, and things remained much the same after she bought it.
Owen the Signal Inhabits a signal box near Ivor's shed.

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The Pogles were country folk who lived in a tree.

The stories started as the Pogles and then changed to Pogles Wood so characters here may be from either or both.

Character Voiced by
Mr. Pogle Amos Oliver Postgate
Mrs. PogleEdnaOlwen Griffiths
Pippin Pogles foundling son (son of the King of the Fairies) Olwen Griffiths
Tog A rabbit-like creature Steve Woodman
Magic Plant Steve Woodman
The Witch a very dark and evil old shape-changer Oliver Postgate
King of the FairiesPippin's true father Oliver Postgate
Hedgepig would awaken the Pogles by ringing the front door bell shortly before he retired Oliver Postgate
Fairies Oliver Postgate

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"Listen to me and I will tell you the story of Noggin the Nog, as it was told in the days of old..."

The Saga of Noggin the Nog

Graculus a big green bird
Groliffe the Ice Dragon. His duty was to guard the Dragon's Friendly Society's treasure by sleeping on it.
Knut Noggin and Nooka's son
The Moon Mouse came to the Land of Nog in a small "ball shaped" spaceship.
Nogbad the Bad Noggin's wicked uncle who wanted the throne for himself
Nogbad's Crows are loyal evil crows who do Nogbad's bidding.
Noggin a good-natured prince.
Nooka Nogins wife, an Eskimo princess
Olaf the Lofty an eccentric inventor
Ronfthe strongest and tallest of the little people who live in the Hot Water Valley
Thor Nogson Captain of the Royal Guard

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