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Fraggle Rock


Gobo The "leader" and prefers to be in control of most situations
Unusually level-headed and practical
He plays the guitar (made from a gourd) and often goes on trips to explore the lesser-known tunnels of Fraggle Rock
Uncle "Traveling" MattGobo’s explorer uncle
Spends most of the series in "Outer Space"
He interacts with and often ends up interfering with the daily lives of the Silly Creatures (humans)
Uncle GoboTraveling Matt's uncle, and great-uncle of the Gobo
Wembley Gobo's best friend
Nervous and pathologically indecisive
Works with the fire department as their siren
Mokey Highly spiritual and artistic and usually quiet and contemplative
She is the optimist of the group, trying to see the best in everyone and everything
Comforts those around her when need be.
BlundigIn ancient timesit was prophesied that the Great and Wondrous Blundig would one day come to rule the Rock
She made the suggestion that Fraggles should all lead each other
She wrote the "Dance Yoyur Cares Away" anthem
She was actually Mokey who had accidentally travelled back in time
Red Mokey’s best friend
Exuberant and athletic and one of the best swimmers among the Fraggles.
Highly cynical of her friends' plans and ideas and often teases Gobo about his Uncle Travelling Matt
Wants to be in control so often friction between her and Gobo
Boober Almost always negative, and displays hypochondriac tendencies
His favourite activity is washing socks and he occasionally cooks
He is allergic to dogs
Side Bottom Boober's alter ego
Funny, loud and messy
Convincing John Uses his fast talking musical numbers to convince Fraggles to do anything
Convincing John lives some distance away from the rest of the Fraggle warren
FragglettesConvincing John's trio of female backing singers and assistants
Large Marvin Obese, because of his continuous snacking
Loves swimming
Nemesis of Red
Feenie Good-natured but rather slow-witted
Best friend of Large Marvin
Rumple Friend of Large Marvin
Wears an aviator's hat and goggles
Marlon An odd looking Fraggle who wants to form a cult
He has "ideas about behavioral modification"
Probably the closest a Fraggle can get to 'evil'
The StorytellerLives in the tunnels somewhere and tells the Fraggles the story of the terrible tunnel
Sir Blunderbrain Ventured into the Terrible Tunnel but never came home again
World's Oldest FraggleOften officiates at ceremonial events and emergency meetings, but he's not their leader.
Henchy World's Oldest Fraggle's assistant
His role is to correct The World's Oldest Fraggle.
The Wizard Master of prestidigitation
Fond of using smoke pellets to create the illusion of magic happening when he really hasn't done anything
His incantation while performing magic is "Horse enchiladas, ho-ho!"
7-Words-MaxThe faithful flunky of Fraggle Rock's resident Wizard
Archbanger Head of the Pipebangers, whose job it is to refill the water in the Fraggle Pond
Felix the Fearless Head of the Fraggle Rescue Squad
Values bureaucracy over practical methods
Firechief Heads the Fraggle Rock Volunteer Fire Department
Old Gypsy Lady Walks with a wooden leg and a squeaky shoe
GillisResident musician
The Beggler-Beg of The Secret Society of Poobahs
Philfolk singer
The Clerk Responsible for taking attendance at the meetings of the Fraggle Rock Volunteer Fire Department
Venerable Sage Hambo Members of the Eminent and Venerable Council of Sages
Venerable Sage Lambo


Continually travel to different parts of the cave
Leader of the minstrels

Second in command and plays guitar
Insect-like creature who plays the drums

Plays a string instrument that looks like a large guitar
Cave Fraggles Far less colorful than other Fraggles
find enjoyment in the mundane, particularly in dusting
The Fraggles of the Cave and the Rock became enemies because of an apparent lack of humor on the Cave Fraggles' part. According to the World's Oldest Fraggle
Cave's Oldest Fraggle Served as elder for the Cave Fraggles
Counterpart to the World's Oldest Fraggle
Beigeone of the Cave Fraggles
Helps to stop the battle between the Cave and the Rock Fraggles before it starts

Ancient Fraggles

FishfaceLeader of the Ancient Fraggles until Blundig shows up
NoodlenoseLikes to laugh - for which he is imprisoned
BigmouthOther Ancient Fraggles

Other Fraggles

Chew ChewLou MorrisTosh


Aquatic Fraggle like creatures with fins instead of legs
The Leader
The Prophet
Seer of the dark side
Seer of the bright side
Hat Seller


Cotterpin the most frequently seen Doozer
Her passions lie in the realm of art and other "fun" activities
She rejected the pressure placed on her to take the helmet, and ran away to become a Fraggle
Architect Doozer understood her plight and allowed her to "take the drawing board"
After befriending fraggles she had to prove that they were noble and intelligent or else lose her apprenticeship
Wingnut Cotterpin's mother
Blue curly hair
Flange Cotterpin's father
Initially employed at the radish refining plant
Later becomes a Bulldoozer, in charge of his own building team
The first known Doozer to meet a Gorg
Participated in the first significant contact between Doozers and Fraggles
Flange first hurls the helmet, thus issuing a challenge, at Modem Doozer
Granny Cantilever Wingnut's mother
Cotterpin's grandmother
Wrench Cotterpin’s friend
He can be recognized by a tuft of brown hair
Modem Wrench’s mother
ArchitectLeader of the Doozer community on Fraggle Rock
Responsible for designing all of the Doozers’ creations
Also responsible for teaching young Doozers about their history and heritage
Tumbrell Jealous of Cotterpin's status as The Architect's apprentice
Sets into motion Cotterpin's trial, for having befriended Fraggles
Tries to get the Architect to get rid of Cotterpin as his apprentice.
Crusty Doozers originally left behind in the Cavern of Lost Dreams (the original Doozer Cave)
They are reintegrated into the current Doozer community.
Bailiff Aides Judge Gavel Doozer during Cotterpin's trial
Judge Gavel
TurboLeader of a group of popular Doozers
ScoopOne of Turbo's group
Rudy Vallee sings in the style of 30s radio crooner
Old Man Pipe Wrench From the "first days" of Doozer history
Refused to take the helmet
Last known Doozer to actually take credit for his work
Flex Goes missing after Boober's hat covers his head and obscures his vision
Crosscut a welder and a member of Flange Doozer's work team
He succumbs to the mania for competition, leading the rest of the team in military cadence-style cheers about their victory over Modem Doozer's squad
Crankshaft Doozer Featured in the book Cotterpin's Perfect Building
Drillbit Doozer

other doozers

Bull Hammerhead RotaryScoop Tweezer


Pa Gorg patriarch of the Gorg family and the self-proclaimed king of the universe
Ma Gorg is the mother of the Gorg family, and the self-proclaimed Queen of the Universe
. The most sentimental member of the family, but also the most commanding
Junior Gorg dim-witted but good-natured heir to the Gorg kingdom
King Gorgus the Greatfirst Gorg king of The Universe
Queen Esmerelda mother of Ma Gorg
Sir Hubris Not a Gorg but the ruler of the universe who gave the over reign of the Universe to the Gorgs
Papa Tree Creature a large purple bird from The Gorgs' Garden
Mama Tree Creature a large red bird from The Gorgs' Garden
Baby Tree Creaturea large orange bird from The Gorgs' Garden
The young bird hatches out of an egg and is befriended by Wembley
Wander McMooch a toad-like villain on Fraggle Rock, who lives in the realm of the Gorgs
he is a totally evil character, with no redeeming features
Geraldine Geraldine is an abnormally large radish, the result of constant love and nurturing by Junior Gorg
Geraldine is the closest thing Junior has to a friend


Kermit :
Ladies and Gentlemen, Its The Muppet Show!

Muppets :
Its time to play the music, Its time to light the lights, Its time to meet the muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.
Its time put on makeup, Its time to dress up right, Its time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight

Statler & Waldorf :
Why do we always come here? I guess we'll never know, Its like a kind of torture, To have to watch the show

Muppets :
But now its getting started, Why don't you get things started? Its time to get things started
On the most sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppet-ational, This is what we call The Muppet Show!

Alexander Beetle

a red and blue beetle Steve Whitmire


savage, frenzied drummer with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Frank Oz
Drumming by Ronnie Verrell

Annie Sue

a young pig, Miss Piggy's innocent rival. Louise Gold


Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's hapless guinea pig / assistant Richard Hunt


the dimwitted janitor and stagehand Dave Goelz


a wise-looking bearded fellow seen mostly in the audience


member of the jug band the Jughuggers Richard Hunt


a chicken, Gonzo's true love Jerry Nelson

Country Trio

a band consisting of caricatures of their performers Jim Henson
Frank Oz
Jerry Nelson.

Crazy Harry

a pyrotechnician and bomb expert who enjoys blowing things up far too much. John Lovelady
Jerry Nelson.

Dr Bunsen Honeydew

Head of Muppet Labs, a scientist and inventor Dave Goelz

Dr. Julius Strangepork

the science officer in "Pigs in Space". Jerry Nelson.

Dr. Teeth

ultra-hip band leader, and keyboard player Jim Henson

Fleet Scribbler

the reporter for The Daily Scandal Jerry Nelson

Flying Zucchini Brothers

a group of human cannonballs and acrobatsFrank Oz
Jerry Nelson
Dave Goelz
Richard Hunt.


Miss Piggy's dog Steve Whitmire
real dog

Fozzie Bear

stand-up comic bear and Kermit's unofficial second-in-command Frank Oz


the crotchety old janitorFrank Oz

Gills Brothers

a group of singing fish parodying The Mills Brothers


stuntman, daredevil, performance artist and Resident Weird Person Dave Goelz


member of the jug band the Jughuggers Frank Oz


the elderly wardrobe mistressEren Ozker


hippie-chick lead guitarist with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Eren Ozker
Richard Hunt

J.P. Grosse,

Scooter's uncle who owns the theatre; a tough businessman Jerry Nelson

Kermit the Frog

director and host Jim Henson

Lew Zealand

boomerang fish thrower and generally fish-obsessed performer Jerry Nelson

Link Hogthrob,

a hunky but dim-witted pig, star of "Pigs in Space", Captain of the USS SwinetrekJim Henson


trumpet player with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Steve Whitmire


member of the jug band the Jughuggers Louise Gold

Louis Kazager

the enthusiastic reporter for Muppet Sports Jerry Nelson

Lubbock Lou

leader of the jug band the Jughuggers Dave Goelz

Mah Ną Mah Ną,

the singer of the song by the same name Jim Henson

Marvin Suggs

the sadistic, crazed and flamboyant Muppaphone man Frank Oz

Mildred Huxtetter

George's dancing partner, seen primarily in the first season Frank Oz
Richard Hunt

Miss Piggy

glamorous diva pig in pursuit of stardom and Kermit Frank Oz
Richard Hunt

Muppet Newsman

an energetic reporter that always had bad luck Jim Henson


the conductor of the Muppet Orchestra Jim Henson
John Lovelady


the elderly doorman Jerry Nelson

Rizzo the Rat

a sarcastic inner-city rodentSteve Whitmire


Kermit's small nephew Jerry Nelson

Rowlf the Dog

wisecracking piano player Jim Henson

Sam the Eagle

American superpatriot and self-appointed censor Frank Oz


the gofer. His uncle owns the theatre Richard Hunt

Sgt. Floyd Pepper

bass guitarist with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem and all around hip person Jerry Nelson

Slim Wilson

member of the jug band the Jughuggers Jerry Nelson


2 pink backing singers for Mah Ną Mah Ną Frank Oz


one of the old men who occupy the box seat at every show and heckle the performances Richard Hunt

Swedish Chef

speaks "mock Swedish" Jim Henson
Frank Oz


a 7-foot-tall monster Richard Hunt


a 9 1/2-foot-tall furry, blue monster Jerry Nelson

Trumpet Girl

the unnamed trumpeter from the orchestra who switched to trombone due to the addition of Lips Eren Ozker
Louise Gold

Uncle Deadly

(aka)"Phantom of the Muppet Show"
a sinister character who lurks around the theatre and appears occasionally on the show Jerry Nelson


one of the old men who occupy the box seat at every show and heckle the performances Jim Henson

Wayne and Wanda

a singing duo plagued by bad luck that prevents them from finishing their songs Richard Hunt
Eren Ozker
Kathy Mullen


member of the jug band the Jughuggers Jim Henson


sleepy saxophone player with Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Dave Goelz

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The Muppet Movie (1979)

The Great Muppet Caper (1981)

The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)

Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3D (1991)

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

Muppet Treasure Island (1996)

Muppets from Space (1999)